Tuesday, February 9, 2010

C25K Week 5, Cooking, New Product and January 2010 Assessment

So yes, Sunday was a sloth day. I love those sometimes! I ended up at 1,625 calories, 187 carbs, 62 fat grams and 83 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

One thing I did do on Sunday night was plan out my whole Monday, down to 30 minute blocks. So Monday went seamlessly just knocking off to-do after to-do. I was like a mini machine! During lunch, me and Stacy did back, biceps and walked 2 miles. Nice little workout! (burned 130 calories) I got back upstairs and got back to it and was SO hungry! I snacked quite a bit, then after work headed back down to try the new Week 5 C25K workout. I did:

5 minute walk at 4.0

5 minute run at 6.3

3 minute walk at 4.0

5 minute run at 6.3

3 minute walk at 4.0

5 minute run at 6.3

4 minute walk at 4.0

This was 30 minutes, or 2.58 miles – woo! It burned 153 calories. I kept walking to get my 3 miles in which burned 178 calories. I’m not gonna lie – the last 5 minutes was ROUGH. I was so sore from Saturday and so tired – but I went for it and I’m glad I did!

After the workout I raced home and got to work in the kitchen. Austin, who ROCKS, had gone to the grocery store, let out Reuben and had the dishwasher unloaded and all of my pans clean. SWEET. I got to work and cooked:

6 servings of brunch pizza squares (per Real Mom Kitchen)

4 servings of buffalo chicken salad ( per Hungrygirl)

6 servings of taco soup (per Monica)

WOO! I also used a new product – Reynolds’ slowcooker liners.

Yesssss. They worked great and it was so nice to have no clean up! I can easily cook two recipes in one day (cooking on high for 4 hours) and using the liners there is no clean up! I was pumped. After cooking me and Austin paid bills, worked on our upcoming party, bought some shiz on Amazon and wrote some thank you cards. We also had some of the buffalo chicken salads for dinner!

Then I was OUT – so tired. I watched Make it Break It and zoned out. I ended up at 1,722 calories, 207 carbs, 49 fat grams and 117 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Today I got up and drove to West Atlanta for my company’s annual meeting (not the one in Vegas – this is the local one). I got there at 9 a.m. and basically hung out… the event had been planned so heavily by my team that my day mostly involved just chillin’ in the green room trying not to eat everything in sight. I was hungry and tired – blah. I did have some salad… and a turkey sandwich… and some chips… and a cookie… and some goldfish... and a reese's cup... This was after my breakfast of brunch pizza squares and yogurt. What is wrong with me? Sigh -i'm so self destructive!

I'll post the rest of today later! But now, i'm going to do February's assessment before I go catch up with your blogs - yay!!

My 17th Month: January 2010 Monthly Assessment

By the Numbers

Pounds Lost: 1 (122 to 121)
Highest Weight: 122.5
Lowest Weight: 120
Pounds left to Lose: 6 (shooting for 115)
Posts: 20
Days Worked out: 16
Miles of cardio: 68.5
Miles of running: 33
Days of C25K: 14

Interesting Charts

Click on charts to make them larger!

Hmmm... why the weight gain? Perhaps it's the high-calorie and high-fat days? Which I think are completely derived from too much unnecessary snacking and too many alcoholic drinks. eek! January was TOUGH. Not gonna lie...

January Calories In, Calories Out, Weight

January 1, 2009: 1,759 calories; no exercise; N/A
January 2, 2009: 1,688 calories; no exercise; 122
January 3, 2009: 1,981 calories; no exercise; 122.5
January 4, 2009: 1,703 calories; 4.25 miles cardio/C25k; burned 200 calories; net: 1,503; 122
January 5, 2009: 1,564 calories; 6.25 miles cardio/C25k/triceps/shoulders; burned 379 calories; net: 1,185; 122
January 6, 2009: 1,741 calories; No exercise; 121.5
January 7, 2009: 1,906 calories; No exercise; 121
January 8, 2009: 2,089 calories; No exercise; 121
January 9, 2009: 2,224 calories; 4 miles cardio; burned 226 calories; net: 1, 998 calories; 122
January 10, 2009: 1,494 calories; 50 minutes ST/Cardio exercise TV; burned 192 calories; net: 1,302 calories; 121.5
January 11, 2009: 1,577 calories; 6.25 miles including C25K; burned 332 calories; net: 1,245 calories; 121
January 12, 2009: 1,636 calories; 5.25 miles including 75 curls, 75 tricep extensions and 75 calf raises; burned 290 calories; net: 1,346 calories; 120.5
January 13, 2009: 1,688 calories; No exercise; 121
January 14, 2009: 1,702 calories; 4.75 miles including C25k; burned 253 calories; Net: 1,449; 121.5
January 15, 2009: 1,798 calories; No Exercise; 120
January 16, 2009: 2,383 calories; 5.75 miles including C25K; burned 330 calories; net: 2,053 calories; 120
January 17, 2009: 1,658 calories; No Exercise; 121
January 18, 2009: 1,597 calories; 4.25 miles including C25k and 10 mins. on the elliptical; burned 258 calories; net: 1,339 calories; 122
January 19, 2009: 1,586 calories; 3.25 miles; burned 170 calories; net: 1,416 calories; 120.5
January 20, 2009: 2,010 calories; 5.5 miles including C25k; burned 300 calories; net: 1,710; 120
January 21, 2009: 1,718 calories; 40 minutes exercise TV including back, abs, obliques, hamstrings, quads and shoulders; burned 137 calories; net: 1,581; 120.5
January 22, 2009: 2,417 calories; 4.25 miles including C25k; burned 215 calories; net: 2,202 calories; 121.5
January 23, 2009: 2,071 calories; No Exercise; 120.5
January 24, 2009: 1,610 calories; 2.5 miles on treadmill including C25k/1 mile on eliptical trainer and legs; burned 318 calories; net: 1,292 calories; 121
January 25, 2009: 2,051 calories; No Exercise; 121
January 26, 2009: 2,002 calories; 4.5 miles including C25k + abs; burned 329 calories; N/A
January 27, 2009: 2,102 calories; No Exercise; N/A
January 28, 2009: 1,930 calories; No Exercise; N/A
January 29, 2009: 1,796 calories; 6 miles cardio including C25k; burned 323 calories; 122
January 30, 2009: 1,821 calories; No Exercise; 121
January 31, 2009: 1,836 calories; No Exercise; 121

A Look Back: January Goals

1. Walk/Run 80 miles (loop in elliptical trainer, too!). Not so much…. Have some work to do next month!
2. Begin couch to 5k program. Woo! Did it, loved it, continuing it!
3. Make meal plans and plug in information to SparkPeople before eating! :) I’m doing this – but I’m eating too many snacks even though I’m not full….
4. Lock down a budget for 2010 and really focus on saving $/spending less. Need to do this – pushing to February!
5. Finalize anniversary trip with Austin. Still TBD – looks like we’ll be celebrating in town after all – whtaeva – as long as we’re together!
6. Finish up the hall closet project - including painting! Nope – looking at doing this in February!
7. Finish up dining room art project. Nope – looking at February – FOR SURE.
8. Hang shelves in half bath. Had problems with this – need to find a new way to hang them…. Or not hang them at all. :(
9. Research stainless steel appliances. DONE Have decided to wait until we can get all Samsung appliances to match our fridge. The gas range isn’t out yet so we’re waiting. Should be April.
10. Find someone to cut down trees! Not done – moved to February and we’re motivated!

A Look Ahead: February Goals

1. Walk/Run 85 miles (loop in elliptical trainer, too!)
2. Get to Week 6 on Couch to 5K Program.
3. Make meal plans and plug in information to SparkPeople before eating!
4. Lock down a budget for 2010 and really focus on saving $/spending less.
5. Finish up the hall closet project - including painting!
6. Finish up dining room art project.
7. Find ways to hang shelves in half bath.
8. Call Lowes - see when Samsung range will be in.
9. Find someone to cut down trees.

February, like January, I would like to focus on FITNESS. I feel like I’m gaining. I feel like I’m losing motivation. It makes me sad! I talked to Stacy (workout partner) and we’re really going to step it up and get back on track, especially with ST! I’m counting on her, the bride-to-be to stay motivated! :) I’m hoping the C25K helps, too, but mostly, I need to focus on eating less junk. I’ve just been really “whatever” and eating lots of random stuff that doesn’t fill me up. Grrr. I’ll do better this month and in March – I REALLY want to focus on this for February and March!

Do you have any ‘before-spring’ goals? Mine are definitely to get these house things done and get in better shape. Would love to get under 120 and stay there for the month of March!

Have you ever tried slowcooker liners?!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the Couch to 5K.

I think I need a crock pot. Everyone's crock pot recipes look so good and easy.

Aggie said...

I have a pack of those liners and have not used them yet! I should...I want to cook up some more bbq chicken, it was a great topping for lunch salads.

I seem to be self destructing a lot lately. But I ate very clean today, and kept the portions under control so that makes me feel better. One day at a time right? Reading your posts always keep me motivated...you are awesome! :)

homecookedem said...

I've never heard of those liners before. They certainly would make clean up much easier!! I will have to try them out!! Thanks for reviewing them for us.

Sunny said...

wow you had a super busy monday!!!
maybe it's something about winter that is making us eat more... hopefully with spring on the way things will get better!

Pam said...

Keep up the good work!!!

Roasting a chicken is easy - give it a try, you will be so impressed with yourself.

laura dishes said...

I don't have a crock pot, but those liners alone make me want one!

I think January is a tough month in terms of maintaining- it's cold, workout motivation is low and we're just bouncing back from the holidays! Once the weather gets warmer, everything will fall into place. :)

Gabriela said...

You're so meticulous with tracking everything- props girl, that takes dedication! Hang in there with those goals! Good idea talking to Stacy, having a friend to encourage you always helps!

Joelle (The Pancake Girl) said...

Ah, I definitely want to work on getting healthier.. I feel like I've slipped a teensy bit since moving and the foul weather around here, and want to get back to normal. AND I want to cook more regularly- instead of just simple stir-fries like usual, prepare bigger, recipe-lead meals like you!

Kacy said...

OMG I completely forgot I had those liners. That would have completely saved me the day I burned my crock pot meal.

Your monthly stats look great and you have some great goals for this month :)

Mom on the Run said...

Crock Pot liners are amazing. They save so much time for cleaning up.

You are doing great on the Couch to 5K plan. I really like that plan because it gives me a goal to strive for.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

You do such a great job with your Sunday cooking! :)

You are doing a great job on the C25K! You'll get the "random snacks" under control... :)

Liz said...

I haven't tried the crock pot liners. I never think of it until right before I cook a meal. I'll have to try to remember to pick some up at the store!

Erica said...

LOVEEEE sloth day! I need a few in a row right now. Those crockpot liners look awesome! I love cooking up crock pot meals so I will have to look for these. Hope you're having a good week so far!

haute.teapot said...

Never tried slow cooker liners and I know what you mean! I think my trip to DC got me off track because I totally gained. :/ But like you, I mostly want to focus on my body changing and feeling fit. It's weird, but I can tell my body looks so different with just a few extra pounds. I've been eating unnecessary junk too, that's why I'm going to give up sweets for lent (although I'm not Catholic). So much info there, but I'm with you and at least it's a few more months til summer!

Also, try to find short term motivation--for me it's that in April I have my friend's wedding and my ex will be there, haha. You're doing so awesome with the C2K too!!

Anonymous said...

your goals and organization always inspire me. youre amazing my dear!!

Melissa said...

I love using my crockpot but I've never used those liners before.

Therese said...

Crockpot liners?? I need those!

I love seeing you recap all your goals. It's really awesome how organized you are...you can really look back and see where your strengths and weaknesses are. Don't worry girl you'll get to your goal just keep plugging along!

Staci Dombroski said...

I have not tried the slow cooker liners, but the first time I tried parchment paper I was hooked :-)

Genesis said...

my brother would probably appreciate it if I used liners the next time i used my slow cooker. scraping stuff off it is not fun...at least thats what he tells me. I'll have to keep my eye out for those. very interesting.

good job on the runs!

Sara said...

The liners look amazing! Do they leave any residue? Like when you use aluminum foil on a baking sheet... I still have to clean the baking sheet.

Good job with the C25k, it sounds like a great plan!

Katie ♥ said...

Im a new reader, love the blog girl : )

great job too on your goals!!!! I see you are doing well!!

I never saw the crockpot liners, will have to buy those!! Cleaning up would be easier!!!!! Thanks for the info!!

Katie xo

Kelly Olexa said...

OMG. I hope this comment gets published, have been having Blogger issues!
Anyway. Clearly I need to buy a crock pot. Are they safe? How nerdy of me to ask but I fear it catching on fire...I'm a dork. Also, tell me how good the Buff Chick Salad is; that is my all time fav salad...is is yummy??

Anonymous said...

your buffalo chicken salad looks amazing! did i miss that recipe somewhere????

I have never seen crock pot liners - i love the idea of not having to do any clean up!

despite the high cal/high fat days - you still lost a pound!! =) congrats!

my pre-spring goals are to loose a few more pounds and work on strength training more

Kelly Olexa said...

OMG. I hope this comment gets published, have been having Blogger issues!
Anyway. Clearly I need to buy a crock pot. Are they safe? How nerdy of me to ask but I fear it catching on fire...I'm a dork. Also, tell me how good the Buff Chick Salad is; that is my all time fav salad...is is yummy??