Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day, Sick, Weekly Menu, New Recipe Plans

Thank you all for your sweet comments and musical ideas!! I would LOVE to see Wicked, Billy Elliot, Annie and more! I’m going to look into that place Jacey mentioned, too! And thank you guys for your calorie feedback – the idea Kimmi posted was great so I’m going to try that today!! Thanks you guys – hope I don’t get too whiney about my weight I am happy with where I’m at, just feel like I’m getting a little more casual and my pants are getting tighter – eek!

Backing up to Thursday, ‘Mamma Mia’ night, I ended up at 1,781 calories, 225 carbs, 37 fat grams and 97 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Friday was a bit of a doozy on the exercise front. I drove into work – in zero traffic might I add – and everyone was like “we’re going to get to leave early – snow!” Our parent company confirmed we would leave at 2 p.m., so me and Stacy worked, went down and walked 4 miles, worked then headed out. Traffic was rough coming home but I got home around 3 p.m., worked from home until 5 p.m., then got out and took some Snow Day pics!

Snowy house

View of the neighborhood

Me and baby shih poo - to answer your question, Em, no - Reuben dislikes the snow! We have to carry him out to a pinestraw patch to use the restroom!

Austin shot some video in the backyard!

I tried to get artsy again

I thought the trees looked beautiful

Our bench looks like it's in CO or something Love it!

More snowy tree pics

The view from my kitchen window - what I spent a lot of time looking at the remainder of the day!

After our photo session, I got to cooking:

4 servings of pasta in creamy sundried tomato sauce

4 servings of chicken fried rice

8 servings of potato/egg/sausage breakfast burritos

And I prepped a few things for future meals! Then Austin got home, it snowed harder and I just never made it back to the gym. Oopsie! We had a nice night though – playing pool, playing games and hanging out with little Reuben. Good family stuff! I also took a ton of pics, and worked on my January video a good bit. Great night! I ended up at 1,973 calories, 231 carbs, 49 fat grams and 114 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Saturday I woke up feeling sick. Dang!!! My throat hurt, I was achey, I had a cold and felt totally crummy. However, I was PUMPED to try some new recipes. But which to try?! I decided to weave 4 new recipes into this week’s meal plan:

  1. Buffalo Chicken Chili from Biz
  2. Chicken and Roasted Garlic Lasagna from For the Love of Cooking
  3. Breakfast Tortilla Strata from Cooking light
  4. Spinach Mushroom Pizza from Fitness Magazine

My Menu

Sunday: Sausage/egg/potato burrito; buffalo chicken chili; chicken & roasted garlic lasagna

Monday: Muffin breakfast pizza; creamy pasta; chicken & roasted garlic lasagna

Tuesday: sausage/egg/potato burrito; margarita pizza; chicken souvlaki

Wednesday: Muffin breakfast pizza; chicken souvlaki; tostados

Thursday: sausage/egg/potato burrito; sweet and spicy tacos; baked shrimp in tomato sauce

Friday: breakfast tortilla strata; chicken & roasted garlic lasagna; buffalo chicken chili; spinach mushroom pizza

Saturday: breakfast tortilla strata; margarita pizza; easy thai curry

Sunday: breakfast tortilla strata; tostados; easy thai curry

I worked on this a good bit Saturday, as with new recipes I have to get them into spark people and tweak them for servings to figure out nutritionals, etc. Then I had a Big Love marathon, made a grocery list and Austin drove me to the grocery store, and by Petco to get Reuben a few things. When we got home I threw Biz’s Buffalo Chicken Chili into the crockpot and took a long, restful nap. Then I felt I was feeling a bit better so we did the usual: played some pool, played some games, had a few drinkies In retrospect, probably not the best idea as I don’t feel too well today. Duh! Oh well, I ended up at 2,136 calories, 244 carbs, 40 fat grams and 84 protein grams. Here’s what I ate and drank.

Today I’m just chilling, weighed 121 so better than 123 earlier this month! I'm SUPER excited to:

· Try Biz’s buffalo chicken chili (It smelled amazing!)

· Make For the Love of Cooking’s lasagna

· Cook some more stuff!

· Finish up the laundry

· Do some things around the house

· Hang the dining room project

· Finish my video

· And maybe hit the gym, buy a TV for my scrapbook room, and start reading my book club book (still waiting for the Amazon delivery to get here!)

What are you doing today?

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this week?


Gabriela said...

Your house is gorgeous in all that snow! We got quite a lot here, too. This week I'm super excited to go to an early screening of Shutter Island. I can't wait! Happy Valentine's Day!

homecookedem said...

Gorgeous snow pictures! Snow makes everything so pretty! :) Ripsey is the same as Reuben. She ran faster than I've ever seen her run across the snow straight for the patch of pinestraw under the trees, haha! ;) Funny doggies! :)

Can't wait to hear about the buffalo chicken chili... sounds so delicious! Hope you feel better soon!!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and Austin! :)

Kristi said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile and love it. I just started my own:

You actually inspired me to start using Spark. Today I'm getting a haircut. I love the way I feel after a salon blowout.

This week I'm looking forward to a three day work week because I have next Friday off.

Meals by Misty said...

Love the snow pictures. In Bham we got several inches too. Pretty crazy! The husband, pooch and I just went for a long walk and are about to go sit on the patio at our favorite Cajun restaurant and watch the race. I heart Valentine's Day!

Nelly said...

I cannot believe you can track all of that..I would go insane with the numbers! I have been a walker all winter and have finally started to put in some running!

Sunshine Mama said...

I am eating a chocolate covered cream filled bismark on video for my blog. LOL! Never done that before should be interesting.

I love your artsy pictures! The snow looks so pure and beautiful!

Big Pissy said...

Oh! Beautiful snow day pictures! I love the snow covered trees myself. Just something about 'em. :)

Sorry you weren't feeling well. :(

After I move and have an actual kitchen, I'm going to start trying your recipes. :)

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

I love your snow pictures and your home is beautiful!! Hysterical that you need to carry Reuben out to go potty!! Silly dogs.

Melinda said...

Your house is gorgeous!!

I don't really have any big plans this week- maybe I should plan something so I can have something to look forward to!! Right now, I'm just looking forward to doing well at my job this week to impress my new boss!!

I wish I was at your weight now, I was the same weight in January 2009and then something happened and I gained 20 pds. and I've tried everything to get them off- I am thinking I should try your cal. counting method.

Anonymous said...

Great snow pictures! I loved Friday night; I think everyone got a chance to just stay in and relax.

Buffalo chicken chili sounds amazing! Can't wait to hear about it!

Erica said...

You do such a great job with meal planning and making ahead! I bet the man loves it!! I cannot believe the south got snow! It only snowed like 2 inches at our house but everyone was freaking out (and its all melted now haha). What am I looking forward to this week? Some great classes! Switching up choreography for attack tonight- which always makes me excited to teach!

Liz said...

Your snow pictures look so pretty!!

I'm hoping tonight I'll get to watch Time Traveler's Wife.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Your house is so pretty!

Murphy didn't like the snow either. I guess our Southern dogs aren't used to it!

I was actually going to make Biz's chili last night too! I got too lazy; it's on the menu for the week though.

Hope you feel better!

Kacy said...

Those snow pics are so pretty!

I hope you feel better dear. Happy Valentine's Day :)

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Beautiful snow pictures! I like looking at the snow, but I sure don't like the cold feeling!!

This week I'm excited to get back to a normal routine. Boring I know!

Anonymous said...

ahh your snowy pictures make me wish it was snowing here!! of course i should bite my tongue when i say that, because i absolutely hate being cold and i'm sure i'd be complaining :):) haha

Sunny said...

wow, you are very productive even when you're sick! your menu for the week sounds great... i need to plan my meals for the week. it really helps.
love the beautiful snow pictures!!

Kelly Olexa said...

It is so odd that I Live in Chicago and yet all my friends that live elsewhere are getting all the snow this year!! Atlanta and Texas this past week?? Weird! It does look beautiful though, I totally agree.

Simply Life said...

wow those are just gorgeous pictures!

Mom on the Run said...

Your snow day pictures are great. I love your house :)

I am looking forward to my week long vacation. It is going to give me some time to organize my house and catch up on blogging.