Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Recs, 4 Miles, Home Update (guest book!)

Hola!! How was your day today?! Mine was actually a pretty good day back to work! I got up, had a soysage/egg/cheese muffin and drove in to a 3-hour meeting offsite. My boss was back from maternity leave so it was great to see her! I had a turkey/swiss/mayo Sammy around 11 a.m. during the meeting, then me and Stacy walked 4 miles during lunch – great walk! I headed back to the office around 1, had taco soup, then headed to Roswell for another offsite meeting – random how those lined up! Then I had 3 chips ahoy cookies – yum! I got home around 4, got back online, then worked until Austin got home! We hung out, had stuffed shells for dinner, watched a Castle and called it a night! I ended up at 1,765 calories, 225 carbs, 45 fat grams and 112 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. Other random to-dos accomplished:

Also – I finally got some good pics of a new project – wall art! For our wedding we had guests sign a piece of canvas that my sister had written a big M on! Then, 2 years later, my lazy butt had it put on wooden backers at a framers. Now, it hangs proudly in our guest room – I love looking at it. It’s about 3’x5’ – and I personally think it looks better in person!

close up!
farther away!

What’s your favorite guest book idea? I love all kinds – pieces of fabric to later make a quilt; photo books for guests to sign; framed photos to sign; travel or coffee table books – even recipe books – for guests to sign – you name it!

What are you looking forward to tomorrow?! I’m super excited about moving on in my C25K program! Thank you all so much for your support – it definitely motivates me! Tomorrow is Week 6/Day 2:

5 minute walk

10 minute run

3 minute walk

10 minute run

2 minute walk

Then Friday is a 5 minute walk and a 25 minute run – 2.5 miles which will be my longest run in one time! (longest so far: 2 miles or 20 minutes at 6.3 mph). Woo!! K – off to watch more bad TV – happy Tuesday!


Liz said...

I love the canvas idea! We did a signature plate for our guestbook. I liked doing something different because I knew I'd never look through an actual guest book again.

Congrats on your C25K!! I'm looking forward to taking a Kick class at the gym tomorrow. :)

homecookedem said...

I love your wall art/guest book idea! So special!! :) My aunt made Andrew and I a photo guest book. It turned out really nice and I loved flipping through it on our honeymoon. :)

Kacy said...

That is so cute! You have such a flair for decorating.

Joey said...

I'm looking forward to awesome weather tomorrow & the rest of the week. Good luck with your C25k tmr... Do you think it is easier to do the interval runs or the twenty minutes-straight runs? I'm starting to worry about running for 30 minutes straight in just 4 weeks! eek!

Mom on the Run said...

That is a great idea for a guest book. I love the idea when guest sign a serving platter. It is a nice memory when you serve at a family gathering.

Congrats on C25K! I need to start that again now that the weather is better.

Gabriela said...

What a neat "guest book"! Part of my dorm decor last year was a giant poster that everyone in my graduating class had signed, so I know how sentimental things like that can be!

lisaou11 said...

aw I love it! makes the guestroom so unique and personal.

lisaou11 said...

aw I love it! makes the guestroom so unique and personal.

Christina said...

I'm glad you got some book ideas. The Koontz book is great. Very intense. ;) I will have to check out the other books you mentioned as well.

Good luck on your run tomorrow!!

PS - I don't think I know your real name? Have you shared it on the blog and I just miss it or is it something you keep private?

Genesis said...

wow, thats an interesting guest book idea. might have to consider doing this.

Anne Marie said...

My hubby and I did a photo mat where everyone signed around a picture of us. It's hanging in our living room-we love it!

biz319 said...

Seriously, I need you to over and help me decorate!!

I wish I was a book reader, I got out of it a long time ago but need to get back into it - I'll check out your book suggestions.

Mica said...

That's an awesome idea for a guestbook! It's so much cooler to look at than a stodgy, old book!

And look at how far you're coming in the C25K program!

Big Pissy said...

LOVE it!!!

The room looks SO good!

You've done a fabulous job decorating your home, Kel. You should be proud. :)


Lara (Thinspired) said...

Love the canvas guestbook! At Chinese weddings there is something similar--a big piece of red silk with embroidery at the top. It's also commonly framed in the home. I never got one because we had a small wedding. Your "M" looks great and really personalizes the room!

Genesis said...

wow, thats an interesting guest book idea. might have to consider doing this.

Kacy said...

That is so cute! You have such a flair for decorating.