Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Exciting News, New Recipe, Library, S. O. R. E.

Thanks you guys for the getting-out-of-a-funk tips! I definitely felt better today - still a little funky but more positive! So funny to hear about utensil preferences! haha I loved that there are other "spoon people" out there! I feel like I got to a certain age and my parents were like here's a fork... and i've been trying to get back to pre-fork for a while! hehe So....perhaps I was a little ambitious yesterday with my 7 miles + abs + upper body ST. All I know is thatI was SUPER S.O.R.E. today and took a rest day to get ready for what I hope to be at least another 25 minute run tomorrow - we'll see! :)

So... I didn't mention it yesterday but I have exciting news! Austin resigned from his job yesterday to begin working at a new company in mid-May (after our Dominican & NY trips!). He's super sad to go (had been there for 6 years in June) - but is really excited to take on new challenges and is motivated to hit the ground running. I'm SO excited for him. The last few weeks have been a lot of back and forth as he struggled to decide between two jobs - but this one took the cake and I can't be more proud of him! That being said... after I blogged last night we had a few celebratory drinkies whilst talking about next steps, our upcoming vacays, etc.

Real quick final backtrack to yesterday - here is the new yummy recipe we had for lunch!! The pics aren't the best but it was the BOMB!

Adapted from Mom of 5
Fiesta Chicken
Makes 4 Servings

part of my serving (taken inside plastic container - forgive me!)

1 can fat-free cream of chicken soup
1 11-oz. can of corn
2 cups instant rice
2 cups water
1 cup medium salsa
20 oz. chicken, cut in strips (uncooked)
Paprika and salt to taste

Preheat oven to 375. Spray 9x9 pan and layer chicken on pan. Mix all other ingredients and cover chicken with mixture. Sprinkle paprika and salt on top. Cook for about 55 minutes, until chicken is cooked.

Whole dish out of the oven!

Nutritional Information: 430 calories, 57 carbs, 4 fat grams and 36 protein grams.

Review: Excellent! I personally doubled the amount of rice so it was more rice-heavy and creamy – very much like comfort food. I loved the creaminess of the soup combined with the flavor of the salsa too. I can’t wait to eat this one again - and did for lunch today – LOVE!

So I haven't posted macros yet - eek. Monday, ended up at 1,747 calories, 206 carbs, 54 fat grams and 112 protein grams. Here's what I ate. Tuesday ended up at 2,056 calories, 211 carbs, 50 fat grams and 101 protein grams. Here's what I ate and drank.

On to TODAY! Not much up - just worked, ran errands during lunch (library, gas station, Publix). I LOVE the library - I got SO much good stuff:
  • Nicholas Sparks' Dear John
  • Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song
  • Brunonia Barry's The Lace Reader
  • Mary Higgins Clark's I Heard That Song Before (audio)
  • C.J. Box's Blue Heaven (audio)
  • Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper (audio)
  • Mary Higgins Clark's The Christmas Thief (audio)
  • Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl
  • Leslie Meier's Mother's Day Murder
  • J.D. Robb's Fantasy in Death
  • Joanne Fluke's The Fudge Cupcake Murder
I'm SUPER excited! I always love Sparks' books and am excited to try Clark again. I've heard the best things about My Sister's Keeper and of course love Kinsella. I'm listening to a J.D. Robb right now and the Fluke and Barry books were on my recommended list for the next Book Club. I'd never heard of Meier but it looked/sounded like something I would like!

After the library I just worked more, then headed home to relax with Austin, do some laundry, hangout with Reuben and catch up on TV. Love it! I ended the day at 1,791 calories, 51 fat grams, 217 carbs and 112 protein grams. Here's what I ate.

What is something your significant other has done lately to make you proud? I'm so happy for Austin!! I love when peeps you care about work hard and have wonderful things come to them - woo!

Are you a library patron? I love being a part of the Atlanta Fulton public library - there's SO many libraries conveniently located around the city!


Genesis said...

Congrats to Austin. It takes a lot to walk away from a job, but at least hes moving to something better and challenging.

i love libraries. i actually used to work at our local library. i havent read much lately besides textbooks, but last summer i biked over there a TON. im more into historical fiction, makes me really think that it really did least i know the people did exist :D

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haute.teapot said...

Wow--that is such exciting news!!! I'm so glad it was his choice with the job change and that is something to be proud of, also it's nice that it was will start up after your vacations. :)

Also, that's an excellent reminder that I need to join my library!

Liz said...

Congrats on Austin's new job! Perfect timing after your vacations too.
I love the library!

homecookedem said...

Congrats to Austin!! That is so exciting for yall!! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Austin!!

I am a member of the Dekalb County library although I haven't been in a while. My mom always gives me a bunch of books when I visit her so I have three new ones to read now.

Pam said...

I am a library freak - I go every single week with my kids for books (for me & the kids), cookbooks, books on tape (for the kids) and movies.

My husband makes me proud daily - he's one of the best people I've ever known. Truly.

Congrats to Austin - I am excited for you both.

The recipe looks tasty and comforting.

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

My hubby finishes his MBA on Monday! So exciting.

Congratulations to your husband, I hope his new job is exactly perfect for him.

I loved our library in FL, sadly, our library here is the PITS!! It's scary to visit, the selection is horrible, and there's really nothing good I can say about it.
Sorry to vent, but it's true!

Glad you have a great library system where you are!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Austin! That's excellent - change is always a little bittersweet but I hope this new job is wonderful for him.

My husband is changing jobs too and I couldn't be more proud of him to his success! I'm crazy about that man.

As for libraries, they might be the thing I love most (after husband). I'm addicted and I usually leave with a stack like yours. My friends joke that I'm a library whore but that doesn't stop me!

Kelly Pearce said...

Congrats to Austin! I am jealous of your trips, sounds like a lot of fun. I am reading Twenties Girl, I really like it. Hope to see you soon

Kacy said...

Congrats to Austin! How exciting!

I'm a library member and I love it!

Shelli Ryan said...

Congrats to Austin on the job!!!!

Dear John was my first audio book I listened to! After you get over the narrator doing woman accents I hope you like it!!!

Anne Marie said...

I think I've made that recipe's awesome!!

The Velotas Family said...

loving the recipes!!! seriously Kel you are doing an amazing job! thinking of MAYBE trying to cook some of these yummy things! your lunch one looked great for Wed!!! see you soon!

The Velotas Family said...

Forgot to say CONGRATS TO AUSTIN!!!! I'm so happy for him!!!!!!!!

Staci Dombroski said...

That is awesome for your hubby!! Congratulations to him :) Are you going to stay in Atlanta? I love Kinsella too :) She is becoming one of my favorites for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for Austin! That's fantastic news.

Best news for Sean lately has been that he got his artwork into this hoity toity silent auction so hopefully he can make some money from it and donate to charity at the same time!

Anonymous said...

hi girlie. so excited for austin and the change for your little family : ) and it's so funny you were talking about the library - i LOVE mine and have enjoyed borrowing books - i know it's silly but i used to just buy books...which is...expensive :) i still buy some from costco just because i love owning books, but the library is so great. have you read any of chelsea handler's books? i just finished "are you there vodka? it's me, chelsea" and loved it!

Tyler said...

Congrats to the hubs! I haven't checked out a book at the library in forever! I'm a little obsessed with Amazon. I love Chelsea Handler books as well. I just bought her newest and can't wait to read it!

Gabriela said...

Congrats to Austin! My BF makes me proud every day- he's a hard worker and always makes sure he gets what he deserves!

I should go to the library more, but I hate having to wait for books! You definitely got a good selection though :) Enjoy!

*Naomi* said...

I just finished Dear John! it was good, very quick read, i didn't cry but I know I will when i watch the movie!! i just had to read the book FIRST! congrats to austin!!

Kelly Olexa said...

I was for ages NOT a library girl- I was a bad girl that bought every book I wanted to read. My budget-conscious sister got me into the library now and I love it! I have like 6-10 books out at a time and girl YOU were the one that got me into some "pleasure" reading again....I was doing business books only before; BORING!! ;-) My library even has a drive through!

Amanda@SenseiTalks said...

congrats to your hubby!

yet another yummy recipe that has me drooling, thanks girlie!

Nicole said...

This is awesome news you for and Austin. Congratulations. What a wonderful couple you both are.
Now I need to get to my local library. :) Give that little puppers (Riley)a kiss for me. He is sooo cute.

Nicole said...

This is awesome news for you and Austin. Congratulations. What a wonderful couple you both are.
Now I need to get to my local library. :) Give that little puppers (Riley)a kiss for me. He is sooo cute.

Nicole said...

I'm sorry not Riley, Reuben, lol remember I'm older lol. So give Reuben a kiss for me. :)

Fashion Meets Food said...

What exciting news! That recipe looks so good I just may have to try it out!


Nicole said...

I'm sorry not Riley, Reuben, lol remember I'm older lol. So give Reuben a kiss for me. :)