Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning, Marking off To-Dos, Out with Friends

Friday was a pretty great day!! I got up, got to work and immediately started cleaning!! Yes, it was time to PURGE. I cleaned out my office for 3 hours, taking out box and box after box – no one could believe I had that much stuff in my cube!! I ended up filling up 3 trash cans, empting/tossing 7ish boxes and moving 13 boxes to storage. All of my cabinets, drawers and walls are CLEAN – I even “clean cleaned” and ew I was working in dust.

all of that was in my baby cube - crazy the amount of boxes those things can house!

After that I walked 3 miles, worked some more and then was let go at 2 p.m. – WOO! I headed home, blogged, hung out and then got ready to go meet Andy, Monica, Laura Anne and Andrew at Meehan’s! We had a blast, great drinkies and good convos as per usual!! So glad we all got together!

los chicos

last chicas

During the night Austin’s co-worker called and so did a friend we hadn’t seen in forever in town from Huntsville so we bit the bullet and headed to Buckhead/East Andrews! We met up with Fox and had a drink, then hit up Churchill’s and then met Matt & Nina at Prohibition (again).

Bad phototaker in that stranger! haha

GOOD times! We stayed up too late of course – but we cabbed it home (safety first!) and were in bed by 3. Long day! I ended up at 2,340 calories, 200 carbs, 59 fat grams and 101 protein grams. Here’s what I ate and drank – eek!

Saturday we got up a little too early (oops!) and had a great chill/productive day (took lots of chill breaks to watch our shows like Flash Forward!). We:

  • Went to Sears and took back the cooler – it leaked! Going to get another one. Picked up power steering fluid for me.
  • Went to Party City for plates/cups/napkins for Austin’s birthday.
  • Went to BB&B for a new toaster – they didn’t have it but did have drinking bins so I got 3.
  • Went to Michael’s for paint and ribbon for the pots I’m painting for Austin’s birthday. No ribbon, but did have paint.
  • Got gas.
  • Went to Kroger for a few ingredients for an Easter pasta salad.
  • Went to Buckhead to get Austin’s car.
  • Spraypainted 4 pots (ran out of paint).
  • Emptied out the hall closet to get it ready for painting.
  • Made a 4-cheese margherita pizza. Nom nom.

So great day! We got done with everything by 7, watched a movie and called it a night! I ended up at 1,545 calories, 237 carbs, 27 fat grams and 70 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. (easy thai curry at 11, ½ the pizza at 3, the other half at 7, and 9 california rolls with some sour patch kids hehe).

Now we’re off to fun on the farm – wish me luck!! And happy Easter to you all – should be back late tonight but hope to catch up on blogging then –also, need to d my monthly assesstment and REALLY need to work out – I’m SO behind!

Do you keep your workspace (at home or work!) tidy or messy? My officespace, and car for that matter, are usually a wreck. It's like my total id fo sho. But not anymore! (at least the workspace.... the car is pretty much a moving catch all.)

Do anything productive this weekend? I'm SO glad we ran all of those little errands - they've been on my list, along with a few others we didn't go to, and it feels great!


Anonymous said...

My office is a completely disaster. If I actually clean it, people comment on it. My house is a disaster too. I am missing the clean gene.

Have a great Easter.

Melissa said...

Usually everything in my life is pretty clean and organized. Except my car...with two little kids, it's a little hard to keep clean and organized. :)

Anonymous said...

flashforward is such a fun show!! I LOVE it.

and as far as productive...i havent been that productive. oh well, ive had fun!

Sunny said...

mmm, my favorite... pizza! looks great!!

Mica said...

I don't keeo my home office *that* clean, but I do try to straighten it up every week or so. As long as there isn't gross stuff--like old food and dishes--I'm pretty good.

Happy Easter!

Gabriela said...

Your pizzas always look SOOOO GOOD!! Seriously, you have a calling as a healthy pizza chef!

My desktop is clean, but the drawers are a whole nother story. Cleaning them out has been on my to do list forever!!

Have a great Sunday girl!!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm - that pizza looks to die for! NOM NOM indeed!

I love cleaning and purging my workspace! And my closet! It always puts me in a much calmer mood!

Have a great Easter!

homecookedem said...

Yes, I am always cleaning up and organizing my classroom! Spring cleaning is always such a good feeling to me... I love brightening things up and getting rid of things that are taking up space!!

Happy Easter!! :)

laura dishes said...

It must have felt so good to get all that stuff packed up and put in storage!

I'm a neat freak... which is good b/c people know not to mess with my stuff, but I also think my OCD makes people uncomfortable sometimes! I don't mind if other people's stuff isn't in order- I just like my stuff a certain way. :)

Big Pissy said...

I STILL can't believe you had all that stuff in your cube! Crazy!!!!

Glad you got it all cleaned out. :)

Your pizzas always look so good. YUM!

As for keeping my work space clean: back when I had an office I kept it pretty clean, I think. ;-)

Staci Dombroski said...

My car is a horrible mess with two kids!! I will clean it one day and it is dirty later that day!! Have a wonderful week :)

Erica said...

A great mix of work and play!! I'm pretty neat! My car occasionally gets dirty dirty, but never messy! I can't stand mess- drives my head nutso. Cute pics from going out. Hope you had a nice Sunday

Anonymous said...

i'm making a pizza tonighttt :) i can't wait! yours looks absolutely delish