Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pottery Barn Scores, Ab Ripper Attempt Dos, 6.5 Miles

Awww thank you guys so much for your sweet comments on baby Emma! She really is a doll and I so enjoyed my weekend with her, her parents, and Teresa & Forrest – awesomely chill! Thanks for the ‘soreness tips’ – believe it or not I’m STILL sore. Geez. Working out today helped but DANG – not cool!

So Sunday was pretty much wrapped up after we got back from Auburn. I ended up at 1,607 calories, 172 carbs, 54 fat grams and 109 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. I will say my stomach problems were back… eek. I decided to take the day off work and recuperate.

Monday I mostly rested and did a few things from the bed (paid bills, ordered a bridesmaid dress, researched undercabinet lighting at Home Depot, etc.). Devon (my sister) came over to visit and it was SO great to see her. Loved that surprise on a Monday. She had lunch with us and grilled out with us for dinner. Of course my stomach felt better (if I’d gone to work it would have been worse – you know how that is), but oh well – I’m glad I stayed home and took care of myself! I ended up at 1,531 calories, 206 carbs, 28 fat grams and 87 protein grams. Here’s what I ate. No exercise – again!

Today I felt better and got TONS done (thanks to all of my pre-planning yesterday!)! I worked, walked 4 miles during lunch, worked, then went banking, got an emissions test, went to the post office, swung by Kroger for some chicken and went by Home Depot to look at under-cabinet lights! I also bought the following:

Pottery Barn:
1 nightstand, 1 outdoor umbrella, two outdoor pillows, 6 picture frames and a vase

White House Black Market: 4 dresses (I know, I know – but I’ve begun purging and these will replace others!)
Wal-Mart: Umbrella stand
William Sonoma: Cheese Grater (with wheel turn); Stainless 4-slicer toaster; Red magnetic kitchen timer
Yay – can’t wait to take pics of everything – I’m right on top of that, Rose. :) In the meantime, here are some pics I found online (couldn't find dresses though - SAD!)!! And a special thank you to my sis for all of her shopping help!!

Ze new umbrella! (my stand is much cuter!) haha It's 9 feet! LOVE IT

Yay - new toaster - love that it has two sets of controls!
cute little timer -now I can hear the timer going off if i'm outside or upstairs! (the cutest little aid to helping you be a slave to your kitchen!)
1 of these - classic - going to put in the dining room
yessss finally found nightstands for our room. You finish the whole dang house but can't get to your own room! LOL
This thing is so cool - i love turning it! Still need to get used to it though

I got the blue/white one! (mine might be a bit longer... and with wider stripes...)
I got the navy one - but this is the color scheme i'm doing (navy & lime)
bad pic - but this is a navy laquer frame. I got 3 for Austin's office!

Once I got home I ordered some Pottery Barn things that weren’t in store – 3 pendant lights
(lighting update to come – eeee!) and another nightstand. I wanted two nightstands that were the same… but different. They only had one in stock, the variation was online only!

Woo! Lots of excitement! In other news, Austin's 30th party planning is going well, and so is the lighting situation - can't wait. Lastly - my 10-year-reunion weekend starts SOON. So crazy! As far as working out, after work I did 2.25 more miles (walked 5 minutes; ran 15 at 6.3; ran 1 at 7.5; walked until 2.25) as well as ab ripper X. I introduced Ab ripper to Stacy... she does not want to be friends... it really is HARD (for me... and Stacy!). Thanks for sharing, Teresa!!

Now i'm home about to chill with the family - great, productive day!!!

Do you have a shopping partner in crime? I love shopping with family and friends - me, Mom and my sis go WAY back with the group shopping!

Do you have an outdoor area? If so - what is your color scheme? I'm going for tan, navy and apple green!


prettyface said...

Great post!

1. I'm working no my outdoor area- I hate to have anything fabric because I don't have any sort of covering- and I get picky about my stuff getting wet. Hmm. Not sure what I'm gonna do out there eventually.

2. YAY!! For Austin's 30th and YOUR reunion! My 10 year is in 2012. It doesn't seem possible. Srrssly.

3. That toaster is awesome- and is that a turn-cheese shredder???? If it is..I NEED one!! Pottery barn, right?

4. FOUR dresses?????!?!! That's my girl!!! Can we see them!! :-)

(P.S. Go enter my giveaway, FINALLY!!!, for an Anthro gift card! You know you want it!)

Christina said...

i actually prefer shopping alone!! probably weird for a girl haha

Marisa (Loser for Life) said...

You have the best taste! I wish you could be my personal shopper!

Gabriela said...

You really went all out with the shopping, how fun! I wish my mom and I enjoyed shopping together, but we'd probably kill each other, haha :) I'm more of a shop-alone kind of girl!

Erica said...

So glad you're feeling better! I bet the day off from work REALLY helped! Sometimes the tummy needs to just be still. Great buys. I'm so jealous. I totally need to shop. <3 williams sonoma. My goodness...I could go crazy in there. We need to see your dresses

Genesis said...

my good friend carly is my shopping partner in crime. when she lived here we would spend so much time at our mall, it was ridic. i miss her :(

we have a small patio in our apartment and i wish we had some outdoor furniture but im always scared someone is going to walk away with my stuff...lol

homecookedem said...

You sure did get some great new purchases!! Very jealous of that toaster!!

I enjoy shopping with my mom and grandma, but that's about it. With friends I always worry that I'm taking too long or hurrying along too much... takes the fun out of it for me.

Tyler said...

Oh my goodness I love Pottery Barn! They have the BEST stuff. I love getting their mags for inspiration.

I have bought 2 dresses in the last 3 days. I think I'm on a Kelly Kick! haha!

It's best for me to shop alone. I'm way more practical when flying solo. With other ladies, I'm too impressionable and more likely to buy matching "twinsie" kind of outfits with the other person. I know, how 6th grade of me!

lee@In My Tummy said...

My mom would like to be my shopping partner in crime, but I always burn out way before she does!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Our color scheme for our porch is green and brown. We have medium colored wicker furniture.

also, I have that toaster you bought and I love it!

Tiffany said...

Such a great weekend! Love everything from PB! Sounds like you had shopping success!

Pam said...

Cute stuff - you got loads of goodies! I like to shop alone.

Anne Marie said...

Nice buys! My shopping partner is my mom - I love shopping with her!

Kacy said...

Great purchases girl!

I usually shop alone.

My outdoor furniture is mosaic-themed,but I just have a teeny patio so it's not much.

Samma said...

Our outdoor area is green and white. Love your umbrella- it is darling!

~L~ from Decorated and Exhausted said...

Great finds!!! I prefer to shop alone for sure. The hubby doesn't have the patience and we end up leaving early because he gets antsy ;) Our backyard color scheme is green, creames and tans. I really do need to start taking pictures....

Kelly Olexa said...

Hey Lady!! I love PB. Addicting. I have a wee little backyard area- since I live in a condo it's a small deck and since I am a black thumb, not much going on out there, but I have wonderful wicker furniture and accessories!! ;-)

**also girl, did you see that you won the drawing for the pass to the EVO conference? Email me, I need to know if you'll be attending!**


Mica said...

Can you be my shopping partner in crime? You have some really nice finds from Pottery Barn.

Big events coming up--the 30th birthday for Austin and your 10-year reunion! I hope both are a blast.

april said...

My mom is my shopping partner in crime! She's also my advisor- I always call her saying, "should I get this??" LOL!!

your going to have ripped abs in no time!!

Melissa said...

Ah, the Ab Ripper...that brings back memories (bad ones). :)