Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8 Miles, Running Milestone, Cooking Marathon & New Product/Curry

Thanks you guys - he really did get some great gifties! Um... I should have asked... PLEASE SEND recipes for those amazing homemade salad dressings you told me about. I think there's a chance I won't buy salad dressing again - it was just so FRESH and different homemade! Tracking back...

Yesterday started out rough. Left my badge at home. Left my two rubberbands/hair ties at home. Got in horrible traffic making me 30 minutes late for an 8:30 a.m. 30-minute meeting so yes, I totally missed it. It was ROUGH. I talked to Austin though and he was supportive and pretty much was like you'll make it work, it will get better. And it did. Jackie took over the meeting. I found a rubberband in my gym bag and the gym had a new bag to share. Peeps at my lunch gym let me in the gym (recognized me) and Stacy let me borrow her badge so I could park my car at my after-work gym. BLISS. It all worked out. And I got LOTS of work done on top of it! My lunchtime workout consisted of 4 miles of cardio at 4 mph (0-2 incline) while reading The Dead-Tossed Waves. Love it. After work, I hit a running milestone - I walked for 2 minutes at 4.0 mph, then ran for a straight 35 minutes at 6.3 mph - the longest I've ever run without stopping in my entire life - WOO! After this, I walked for another 2.55 minutes to take me to 4 miles in 39.55 minutes.

After my run I called Austin (yay!) and mom (yay!) then headed home to get to cooking! The cooking marathon did NOT occur on Sunday... or Monday... so it was time! I made the following:
  • 4 servings of chicken pesto pasta with mushrooms
  • 4 servings of beef in tomato sauce with feta
  • 4 servings of beef taco bake with refried black beans
  • 4 servings of Greek Feta Chicken
  • 4 servings of Indian Curry Chicken - with a new product Patak's Rogan Josh Curry
Review: We just added 1 cup of chicken and simmered for 15 minutes, then poured over 3 cups rice, divided in 4 servings. YUM. This was a great sauce, very flavorful and Austin loved it since it was more 'saucy.' It's not a thick sauce, but it is enough to go around and definitely makes your rice 'soupy.' We'll definitely be having this again, and thanks, Kroger, for having $1 coupons the day we bought this making the whole bottle $2 making the whole recipe about $3.50 for 4 servings - less than $1 a serving and it was FILLING!

After the cooking marathon it was just shower time and relaxing family time - YAY!! I ended up at 1,565 calories, 212 carbs, 42 fat grams and 78 protein grams. Here's what I ate.

Q: Who do you call first when something exciting happens? I'm always all over Austin, my mom and my sis!!

Q: What's your favorite "easy and cheap" meal? I'm loving these Indian jarred meals (simmer sauces). I know they're not the best because of preservatives/higher in carbs/sodium but I figure once a week won't hurt me!


Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

I really want to try that curry sauce! Thanks for the review on it!

Great job on your run!!!

Tyler said...

Yay! Way to go! I always call Ryan, my mom and mother in law. I think Ryan wishes I would let him know after my excitement has calmed down though! I tend to talk really fast and then he has no idea what I'm talking about. His man brain can't follow. Hah!

Christina said...

i really need to try some of your curry recipes, or buy one of those sauces. i love easy meals! i think my favorite is regular old angel hair + classico four cheese sauce + veggies/chicken. yummy and easy!

the first person i call totally depends on what the good news is! usually it's my aunt or grammy.

Anne Marie said...

The curry sauce looks awesome! I'll have to look for it in the store. My person I call when I'm excited is the hubby and my mom

Steph said...

Great job on your run!

Melissa said...

I call my mom and my husband when something exciting happens. :)

Curry looks good!

Kacy said...

I want to try that sauce! Thanks for the review!

Tami said...

what a day you had! Love all the ahead cooking you do. What a time saver that is.

I like to use some frozen Italian meatballs and jarred spaghetti sauce served over whole wheat penne pasta for a quick meal. Of course I have to have a salad on the side as well.

homecookedem said...

So glad everything worked out despite your rough start to the morning.

I always call Andrew first when something exciting is going on and then my mom! :)

April said...

Depending on where i'm at or who I'm with I call Mike, then Mom, then my sister :)

My easy go to meal is stir fried cabbage and tuna! With mustard and stevia. Well, it used to be before my stupid stomach problems...i'm a mess.

Lindsey said...

That's a fantastic milestone!! Good job you little runner you! :)

Oh I'm like you - it's J and my mom. If I can't get her, I call my dad. It's the same when I have to vent my frustration. My poor family!

Lea @ Healthy Coconut said...

Good job on the run, 35 mins straight is impressive!

For some exciting news, I call or text my fiance first, text my sisters and then do mass email for my girlfriends.

Mica said...

I use this recipe for a good, tangy honey Dijon vinaigrette:

My favorite cheap meal? Curried lentils and rice!

Kelly Olexa said...

Dang girl!! I will be so psyched when I can run that fast for that long. I am so addicted to running already....I love how you can measure progress like DAILY!! ;-) Again, you slay me with your amazing meal prep lady! Love it!!

Gabriela said...

I always text my BF with exciting news. Neither of us are phone talkers, but it's nice to let someone know you're excited! Fave no-brainer meal is a can of soup. Souper easy ;)

lee said...

Great job on the run!

I tend to do taco salad type things for a quick, easy meal. That or tortilla pizzas.

*Naomi* said...

def call my mom and BF first before anyone else! (probably mom first before my BF)

my go to meal these days is grilled chicken that I always cook up in advance and have in the fridge, and whatever veggie I grab!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Honestly I need to do what you do, because my weight gain is out of control! Too bad my freezer is the smallest one in the world.