Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Shower, New Dresses, C25K

eee! Thanks for answering my questions! I really enjoyed your answers - and DUH, I think we can all agree, a massage is a MUST. I want one now.... loved learning about your favorite stretches too - I don't stretch enough - and it seems like we're 50/50 on protein powder! Thanks again for playing - LOVED going through them! :)

So Friday was a great day! I just worked, walked 3 miles + upper body ST during lunch, then worked more. At 5 we planned to go down for a run but the sky fell. No, we don’t run outside, but the storms pretty much stop Atlanta (AKA traffic) so we decided to stay late and party plan! We knocked out a few things on Stacy’s wedding to-do list and Austin’s 30th party to-do list, then went to Michael’s for materials and Homegoods – perfection! Only problem? It was 8:30 and I was STARVING, so I headed home, had dinner and the storm kept coming. We ended up staying in and had a nice family night! I landed at 1,858 calories, 179 carbs, 41 fat grams and 103 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Saturday was glorious as well! I slept in a bit and woke up with a headache two shades south of a migraine. Granted, that kinda sucked, but Austin got me water and I finally began feeling better around 1 p.m. In the meantime, TV time was fab. My headache wanted popcorn, cookies and frosted flakes for brunch, but I finally had a “real meal” around 2:30 (chicken taco salad!) and got to work on some stuff for Austin’s party. Then it was time to shower and head over to Stacy & Shane’s his and hers shower in Woodstock! They had a great turnout, yummy drinks, a great spread of food and fun music.

The Bridesmaids (minus Jenny Rhodes who lives in SC!)

Me, Mon and Jennie M who asked Austin to make her "not look pregnant" - he did a good job! LOL

Mike, Austin & Andy

Lame couples shot hehe - love our Blancos

Stacy & Shane opening gifts

We always have fun with their friends and that night was no different. We left around 10 and headed home, then had two drinks and called it a night. Woo!

Sunday I slept in again but this time I woke up feeling great and MOVIVATED to make a video. Woo! I’ve been sorely behind but got to work on a March – April 2010 video! I'll post it tomorrow - i'm SO excited! After video editing my mom and sister came over around 3 and we ran errands – Walgreen’s, stopped by Shana’s to borrow a slowcooker, and the mall for more moisturizer/eye makeup. This led to my sis getting STEALS at Gap and me getting two new dresses at Macy's. Who am I? Why won’t someone stop this addition? They were GREAT deals though and I was able to use my gift card from Austin’s mom - thanks, Michelle! Here are my two new Rachel Roy dresses… LOVE THEM!

front (btw - this is NOT that short on me!)
Back (again - not that short hehe)
Love this - mom says it looks like a watercolor. And you can't see it here but there are little flowers at the top (like 3d ones)

After the mall we headed to Publix for some light grocery shopping, for me to confirm with the cake peeps and then it was back to my house for good byes (miss them already!) and marathon cooking. I made:
6 servings of Beef & Two-Bean Enchilada Casserole
4 servings of Chili Noodle Bake
6 servings of brunch pizza squares
4 servings of chicken pasta salad (new)
4 servings of (yet another) Indian curry (new product!)

Then, even though it was 8:15, I was like I’m going for a run today no matter what (knew I couldn’t run Monday or Tuesday)! I headed out, hit the gym and followed Mon’s running advice – two steps forward, 1 step back. Instead of keeping with the 30-minute runs, this week I’m going to step it back to 25-minute runs, then forge forward for a 35-minute run. Anywho, I walked for 2 minutes at 4 mph, ran for 25 minutes at 6.3 mph, then walked for 4 minutes to get me to 3 miles. Great workout! I headed home, showered and got in bed with the family. WONDERFUL Sunday.

Q:Any new purchases for you this weekend?

Q: Do you ever slow your running down and then build back up to reduce the likelihood of injury?

Q: What time do you normally work out? I had never worked out past 6:30 p.m. before!


Val said...

Love the dresses!!! I work out in the morning and I walk about 3 miles at night. It helps me unwind and works off dinner ; )

Lisa @ I'm an Okie said...

you are the dress queen--Ive never seen a dress of yours I didnt like!

I seriously workout anytime of the day---the goal is morning, but it doesnt always happen that way!

Run Sarah said...

Love your new dresses - no idea they had such cute ones at the Gap! I definitely run less than I used to because I would keep getting injured. I work out in the AM (630-730) or in the afternoon (4-6pm) depending!

homecookedem said...

I bought 2 new pairs of shoes and 3 maternity tops this weekend for back-to-school. The shoes aren't the cutest, but I'm trying to take better care of my feet.

For me, working out after my lunch digests works best for me. It's when I have the most energy. I don't think I've worked out after dinnertime since college. I'm too old for that these days, haha! ;)

You look so pretty (as always!!) in all of your photos!! :)

Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

My goodness, girl! I need to bottle some of your energy!!! Aaah, to be young again ;)

Love those dresses! Can't wait to see them on you!

Christina said...

you are so awesome with your marathon cooking. you're so organized, i love it! :)

all i bought this weekend was FOOD!!

i usually work out at 6:30. i guess we would never see each other at the gym haha. have a great week my friend!

Tyler said...

Love the dresses! I need to get back into the C25K. Soon, I will get my mojo back!

Kacy said...

I love the back on that first dress! So sexy!

I used to be a strict night time workout person, but marathon training is forcing me to do it most mornings.

Gabriela said...

I love love love that first dress- the back is so cool!! I'm a morning exerciser, but I absolutely cannot work out post-dinner. When I first started exercising in high school I only did night workouts though- funny how times have changed!

Big Pissy said...

I love both those dresses, you know that.

However, I WILL say that the picture of the floral dress doesn't do it justice. It seems out of focus or something. :(

It's always so fun to shop with you. Everything looks good on you. It's like dressing a doll. hee hee!


Tami said...

You have been very busy! Love your dresses and getting a bargain makes it so much more fun.

I work out early in the morning to get it done and out of the way.

Winnie Lubega said...

The GAP has really outdone itself in the last few years with the jeans and now dresses. I really must swing by one and check out what else they have.

I am a new runner, like you, and while I was running today I decided that having a steady pace while running was better than just running fast for only a few seconds. I think over time once I get a feel for the running then my next goal will be to increase the speed to add more of a challenge :)

haute.teapot said...

OMG, girl I used to workout from 10pm-11pm--when the place closes! My family thought I was crazy but the time really worked for me. Since this summer's been so outta whack schedule-wise, I'm just now trying out different now I'm going to 7pm classes (salsa, zumba, piyochi, yoga) Mon-Thurs.