Sunday, September 19, 2010

Great Workout (and leg workout!), Auburn Weekend, Lucky Lady

Thanks you guys! The concert really was a great time! And i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who craves crazy carbs when i'm sleepy OR who dislikes sleeping in the house alone! hahaSo this weekend I had the BEST weekend in Auburn. Why?! Because I got to visit with some of my BEST friends forever who, lucky for me, have become best friends themselves! LOVE IT!!! Case in point: my wedding party.... 9 beautiful ladies that i'm super close with!
Yesterday: me and 5 of my bridesmaids! Monica, me, Lindsey, Teresa, Mary & Megan (expecting her first baby!)!

Who wasn't there? My sis - who thankfully I spent time with last weekend, Emily, who lives in DC, I'll be in her wedding in October - can't wait to celebrate, and my cousins (from my side and Austin's side) Laura and Robyn - who I see pretty regularly! Anywho - I felt like such a LUCKY LADY and had SUCH a good weekend - now let me back up! Friday I felt awful. Just tired and worn down and like I was getting sick – eek! I just worked, and instead of working out I took it easy at lunch and me and Stacy went to Uncle Julio’s for lunch. We even valeted – I felt that bad! We had a nice lunch, chatted a ton of course and split the chicken fajitas – yum! I headed back to work, worked and then, knowing Austin wasn’t coming down to get me until 7 p.m. (to go to Auburn for the weekend), I decided to work out. I was feeling better and was going to DO IT!

At the gym I got on the treadmill and walked ¼ mile at 4 mph, ran 1 ½ mile at 6.3 mph, then walked ¼ mile at 4 mph – 2 miles at 21.51 minutes!

Then I hopped off and did upper body ST:
Sitting, back-to-back: 15 bicep curls, 15 shoulder presses, 15 overhead tricep extensions and (bent over) 15 rows. Over to bench press: 15 chess press. Repeat 3 times.

Then I hopped back on the treadmill and ran for 2 miles (ran at 6.3 mph – then ran ¼ mile at 7.5 mph) – 2 miles at 18.44 minutes!

Then I stretched a bit, before knocking out this lower body workout, I adapted it a bit from The Great Balancing Act. I changed the weights, so that I wouldn’t die, and had to alter the amount of sets because I ran out of time!

Straight Set x5:
Ball squat 10 lbs x 15
16 lbs x 10
20 lbs x 6
16 lbs x 10
10 lbs x 10

Alternating Set x3:
Dumbbell stiff-leg deadlift – 10lbs each hand x 10 reps
Step-up – bodyweight x 15 reps each leg

Alternating Set x3:

lunge – bodyweight x 20 (10 each leg)
Hamstring curl on ball – 10-15 reps

Alternating Set x3:
Standing calf raise – bodyweight x 15 reps
Side lying leg raise – x 15 reps each leg

This all took me an hour and 20 minutes – GREAT workout! I left a sweaty mess after realizing that the water was out for a mainline repair. No shower for me – ugh! Afterwards, I met Austin and Reuben and we took off for Auburn only to meet Teresa, Forrest, Mary, Jimmy, Monica and Jason at Teresa’s house for a few beers. Perfect end to what turned out to be a great day! I ended up at 1,856 calories, 57 fat grams, 185 carbs and 91 protein grams. Here’s what I ate.

Q: Do you have any leg workouts to share? I haven't done legs in FOREVER - and I can tell. It's time to get serious and trim some inches off these thighs!

Q: If you're married - do you get to see your bridesmaid's a lot? I feel so lucky to see mine as much as I do - love those wonderful ladies!

I'll post more pics of Auburn tomorrow, and of the rest of our fun-filled weekend! And I STILL need to post the quiche recipe - eek! Also, Lee asked about magical margaritas - i'll post that recipe too! Hope you're all having fabulous Sundays! We're in Auburn about to pack up the car and roll back to Atlanta!


Nicky said...

Lookin' good for the True Blue game! Did you guys get to go?

Can't wait to see your other pics! We had to watch the game from B Dubs! WDE!

Erica said...

The dress is SO cute! Great pics of you and your ladies. Glad you had fun. Isn't it funny how sometimes a workout can make you feel better? I rarely see my bridesmaids! We're scattered across the country

Tyler said...

Love the dress! Glad your weekend was fun! Love girl time! I can't wait to get it back when I move home.

Tina said...

I don't really talk to 2 of my bridesmaids anymore. The others I see or talk to regularly though. :)

And I'm so glad you had such a fun weekend. It's always good to get together with the girls.

Mica said...

I like the picture of you and your bridesmaids. The wedding photo is super classy!

I'm not married, but I hope that if I have bridesmaids, I will keep in touch with them...?

And as for legs, I'm boring and probably not doing enough--squats (weighted with a bar), alternating lunges, and deadlifts. Boring, I know.

jamie@sweatyhugs said...

Love your wedding photo! Gorgeous. Lucky you that all of your friends have become best friends themselves. :) I rarely get to see my bridesmaids. :( (Thank goodness for FB though!) Can't wait to read about what leg workouts some of your readers do.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I just kinda do what I want with leg weights, so if you get some good recs you better share! :)

I email with my bridesmaids a lot but they're pretty spread out (DC, Atlanta, Columbus OH, and Seattle) so I don't get to see them as much as I would like. :(

Also, Hubs and I were super glad to see Auburn pull out the win last night. GO SEC! I just wish our game had worked out that well... maybe next weekend!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Beautiful pictures!! You all look so happy and healthy. I haven't seen most of my bridesmaids in ages - I need to call them!

Gabriela said...

Glad you had such a fun weekend!! I'm all about leg extensions. The more you run, the more important they are- it helps to strengthen your knees and prevent injuries!! Hope you have a great start to your week!

Kacy said...

Sorry your weren't feeling well Friday. I wasn't either but mine was a hangover :)

Cindy said...

Such cute tailgate pics!!

Kacy said...

Sorry your weren't feeling well Friday. I wasn't either but mine was a hangover :)

Cindy said...

Such cute tailgate pics!!

Kacy said...

Sorry your weren't feeling well Friday. I wasn't either but mine was a hangover :)