Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eclipse De Luna, Halloween PartAY, 311 Halloween Show @ the Fox

GREAT weekend! We relaxed and caught up on sleep, but also had a BLAST! Recap time: Friday - I got a pic from Tina!! From l-r: Emily, Lee, me, Tina, and Alayna.
I had met Em and Lee before - great to see them again, and of course, great to meet Tina and Alyana. Normally, when I go I ALWAYS get the same thing (chicken empanada and tomato fresco) but I really mixed it up this time and tried lamb sliders, a "pizza" and this awesome bread - loved trying new things and of course catching up with Lee/Em and getting to know Tina/Alayna better in person! Great blogger meet up - I'm already looking forward to the next one! After the dinner I headed home and met Austin, Katie and Cush here - we had a drink and called it a night - GREAT Friday.

Saturday I woke up feeling horrible! My nose was all stuffed up and my TOM was AWFUL. I was in bed most of the day and even had to skip my workout - how 1950's of me. NO fun. I finally scraped myself out of bed and did a bit of laundry, and eventually watched the Auburn game and headed over toStacy and Shane's Halloween party, then out in Smyrna for a bit! I wasn't drinking - but still managed to have great time of course! Loved seeing the costumes and visiting with everyone - GOOD times.

hehe Jason's hulk costume was awesome - and he ran into a Hulkster!
Me and Austin - fallen angel (I got more use out of my medical boot from 2008!) and a blind ref
Ze boys - yes, even the one in the tennis outfit
Ze girls

Sunday I woke up too early. Dang it pups! LOL I fed Remy, cleaned up a bit, watched some of my girl TV and took a 2-hour nap. Nice! Then I hit the grocery store for the week (and for Halloween Candy!), went to the gym and walked 3 miles, finished reading Sharp Objects, and got ready for trick-or-treaters. They came at 6 p.m. and we got TONS! So fun. But at 7 p.m. it was time to head down to midtown to the the Fox for the 311 show! GREAT SHOW.

We love that band and try to see them whenever we can - awesome venue, great parking - it was really super smooth. Only complaint which isn't really a complaint? My ears rang for 1+ hours after the show! We got great seats (hence why I can't really complain) but WOWZA it was LOUD. The speaker was like in our faces. We totally took one for the team and loved it though.

Q: What is the highlight of your weekend? I can't pick one! I really enjoyed our blogger meet up, the Halloween party and the show!

Q: Are you a 311 fan? I've been pretty much obsessed with them since I heard 'Down' off the 311 album at 13-years-old.

P.S. So I officially owe not one but TWO book reviews. Loved them BOTH (Karin Slaughter's Undone and Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects). I'm about to finish The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as well - GREAT BOOKS YOU GUYS! Can't wait to do the reviews.

P.S.S. I also made a video of our trips to Dominican Republic and NY in May - I'll post it tomorrow - so fun to make!


Tami said...

You sure get a lot done in one weekend! Glad you got to feeling better and could enjoy going out and having fun!

Tyler said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Glad you are feeling better as well! I had some fabulous girlfriend time last night. It was much needed!

Anonymous said...

I went shopping and bought a "Kelly" worthy outfit...I think :)

Love the hulk hogan costume!!

Erica said...

What a great weekend! From the blogger meet up to the concert- everything sounds great. I hope you are feeling much much better. The guys and girls look super cute in their costumes. Highlight of my weekend...gosh...hard to choose, but probably celebrating my Dad's birthday with him at brunch :)

Joanne said...

I LOOVEEE the fallen angel costume! Very cute idea.

Looks like a super fun weekend! That's what I like to hear...

lee said...

Haha, I love how you said, "how 1950's of me." We should definitely have blogger dinners more often.

Nancy said...

Glad you took it easy this weekend! ;-)

Those concert pics are so good. You really WERE up close. LOVE the Fox!

I loved "how 1950's of me"!! :)


Gabriela said...

The blogger meetup sounds like so much fun!! I love those.

Love the guy in the tennis outfit, btw :)

Staci Dombroski said...

I used to love 311!!! How fun :) I hope you have a great week! Do you live in North Atlanta?

Buckhead Belle said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Biz said...

Glad you had such a fun weekend - I saw that Em's blog is now private - she looks great!

I only got 8 trick or treaters - so sad!

Genesis said...

you always have the best pictures :) cute costumes by everyone.

Marisa @ Loser for Life said...

Okay, can you just bottle up a little of that energy and throw it my way?! You are amazing!

Yay for blogger meet-ups! What a fun time!

hbobier said...

You always have the best weekends. And I hear ya on the puppies waking you up--Sheldon still thinks he's an alarm clock!

Lisa @ I'm an Okie said...

I love when I see al my favorite bloggers in one place...and then it just makes me wish I Was right there at the table with everyone!

Beth @ bride in the little white dres said...

What a fun weekend! I totally feel ya girl when I have my TOM I feel like death sometimes, oh the gift of mother nature.

Did Reuben and Remy dress up this year?

Have a great week! :)

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

what a fun weekend!! I love all the costumes and definitely the 311 concert. Good times!

Jenni said...

Looks like an awesome weekend! You look beautiful! :)

I don't think I could pick a fave from mine, either! Good times!! :)

haute.teapot said...

Aw 311 was one of my first concerts ever I was in high school when we went, but like you, found out about them when I was in 7th grade. That's so fun you guys got to go! Love the Halloween photos too...I've missed checking out your blog. Trying to be more consistent!

Beth @ bride in the little whi said...

What a fun weekend! I totally feel ya girl when I have my TOM I feel like death sometimes, oh the gift of mother nature.

Did Reuben and Remy dress up this year?

Have a great week! :)