Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekend Plans, Atlanta Luxury Motors: I Hate You

Thanks, friends! I'm glad i'm not the only one who has it rough when their partner isn't around! Although i'm sad to know that I wasn't the only one having a bad week - eek! Sounds like a lot of us were roughing it this week. :( Here's to a fabulous weekend!

Backing up right quick: Yesterday I was seriously stressed out and in frustration tears from dealing with this dealership. If you're interested, this is the review I plan to post about Atlanta Luxury Motors AKA the worst car dealer I've ever dealt with... I even made a picture - see how much I love you guys?!
I’m going to be honest - the prices are enticing. And, the car I was interested in, a Lexus RX400h, checked out a-okay at the lexus dealership. However, you just need to determine if the cost savings is worth your sanity as this place is poorly mismanaged to say the least. Examples:

1. You give them a typed list of things you want fixed on the car before you buy it. They tell you it's good to go. You arrive to buy the car... you wait 30 minutes. They can't find the keys. You go home. You come back again, after confirming that everything was done again. You arrive back and the car is still dirty and the things on the list haven't been completed. Repeat. Repeat. Anthony, salesperson, apologized but it was insane how many times we were back and forth to that dealership only to find that our "appointment" didn't really exist, that they hadn't done what they said they had done, and the list goes on.

2. Everything is good to go. You're finally going to buy the car. You're sitting down with Glenn, finance guy, and the total is $500 more than expected. They call this a shipping fee. Why? I don't know. But they say every dealership charges this fee.You look to your salesperson who says they "thought you knew." After a lot of back and forth and frustration on everyone's parts and Finance blaming Sales, etc., you buy the car. All agree that the dealership will handle the title on your transfer.

3. Two weeks later you think you're finally done dealing with the place. However, you'll have three different people hounding you down for a title they said they would handle (Anthony - dealer; Glen - finance and now a new player – John, service manager).

4. They'll tell you they didn't run the $500 security deposit on your credit card but there it is on your American Express bill. When you want your money back, the money they told you they didn't take, they'll tell you sure - we'll bring a check.... after three days of this empty promise they change their mind. Now, you can't have your $500 back until they have the title from your trade-in (the one they said they would handle 21 days prior). When you provide documentation that they said they would handle they tell you "the ball is back in your court." When you show them email correspondence that proves that you would have handled 21 days ago, but they said they would, then then say they can wait 10 days for it (which was unacceptable before). However, you now have to wait ANOTHER 10 days for money they never should have taken from you in the first place.

So seriously: They take $500. They tell you they didn’t. They tell you they’ll write you a check and “make it right”… they even set up dates/times to return it to you. Then when they don’t do what they’re supposed to and what they said they would do (i.e. get the title) now they’re going to keep YOUR money that they NEVER should have had in the first place. Then you talk to a 4th person (Richard) who confirms that they won’t give you your money back. So you tell them they’ve left you no choice but to dispute the charge and they can deal with American Express. Enter a call on your part to AMEX to dispute the charge… and NOW 21 days after you tried to do it, you get to start trying to get a title for them.

Finance blames sales. Sales blames "the back."The service manager blames sales AND finance. It is unorganized and beyond frustrating to deal with them. I will say that John tried his hardest to fix things and was available to help, but he kept having to break promises based on Sales and Finance not coming through. I wish I'd never gotten my car from there and would return it if I could.

Numbers 3 and 4 were the primary frustration yesterday. I'm still in shock that they would just keep money they never should have had. SHOCK. After all of that, I was just all worked up and spent the evening trying yet again to find my title to no avail. I'm just ANNOYED because I could have done the title stuff 21 days ago... but they INSISTED they would do it so now it's on me. Grrr.

Other than that - Austin got home - YAY!! So happy to see him, and so was Reuben! We had dinner and preceded to watch Up in the Air with George Clooney - loved it! Ended up being a great night which led up to a great weekend of doing NOTHING. Yes, we plan to do nothing and go nowhere this weekend if we can help it. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

Q: Have you seen Up in the Air?

Q: Would you be mad at a car dealer who did the above? grrrr.

Q: Do you love or hate weekends of nothingness? I rarely get them but am PUMPED to have one!

Stay tuned - plan to post some new recipes this weekend - YAY!!


Erica said...

ohhhhhhh boy. I am so sorry to hear about your experience. Sounds terrible. i would totally be frustrated. I wish car dealerships weren't so shady about things. Josh and I have been wanting to see that movie. And I like a good weekend of nothingness every once in a while!

lee said...

What a pain! I will not go there! Not that I'm in the market for a new car, but when I am, I'll remember that.

I love weekends of nothingness. Have a good one.

lee said...

What a pain! I will not go there! Not that I'm in the market for a new car, but when I am, I'll remember that.

I love weekends of nothingness. Have a good one.

Jenny said...

I thought Up In The Air was SO, sooo good. I was SHOCKED, jaw droppingly so, at the end....and I felt for him.

Tyler said...

What a terrible experience. Assholes! I'm glad Austin is home! I hate being apart. It sucks. I'm embracing a weekend of chilling. We may meet up with another couple for dinner tomorrow but I'm soaking all the Ryan time I can, up!

theprofessionalpalate said...

Sadly, I hated Up in the Air. Was too real world for me... too many bad job things happening to too many folks right now... hated to see it captured on screen.

That said, would love to have a "nothingness" weekend soon to watch a movie... even if I didn't like it!

Jennifer said...

I loved that movie too, but the end made me a bit sad - I wanted George Clooney to fall in love. In regards to the dealership - I guess there's a reason why everyone thinks car salesmen are creeps! I would take them to court if it doesn't get resolved soon. Hope you have a great weekend!

Kacy said...

Uuuughh! So sorry about the dealership woes, that is sooo ridiculous!

I love a weekend of nothingness!

Kelly Olexa said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE weekends of nothingness because they are so rare!!! I'm often out of town at conferences on the weekends (waaahhh) and so staying in and chillaxin- I love it. Also LOVED Up in the Air- soooo like my life right now. Oy!!!
Great flick.

Tyson said...

If I'm not mistaken, Atlanta Luxury Motors is part of a chain of used car dealerships in the Atlanta area that all have cheesy names, awful service but great prices. I bought the M35 from one of the dealerships and dealt with the same headaches.

fittingbackin said...

sounds about right, Tys. GRRRR.