Sunday, November 14, 2010

4.5 Miles, War Eagle Time, Weekend with Friends

Happy Sunday! I hope you all had a great weekend! I've got so much catching up to do- I'm way behind on blogging too - eek! Hard to keep up with the traveling - but i'm in town for A MONTH now, can't wait! . Anywho, backing up...

Thursday was pretty standard - work, 2-mile run + 2.5-mile walk during lunch, more work, and then packing time for our trip to AU! I got so much done and ready to go for another exciting weekend in Auburn! I also hit up the mall and found some cute stuff - a new scarf, new tunic/dress and a new dress - i'll post pics tomorrow.

Friday I worked and instead of my lunchtime workout I had a fun, girl, catch-up lunch with Melissa and Stacy. We went to Uncle Julio's, our fave, and me and Stacy split the fajitas again - FAB. After work I headed straight home and finished reading my audio book M is for Malice - i'l post a review tomorrow! When I got home Austin was finally home from TX. (he had a work trip - Tuesday - Friday). So we packed up the car, had small sammies for dinner (I was still full) and got on the horrible traffic. Blah. We got in town around 9, visited with Mary/Jimmy and Teresa/Forrest then called it a night to prepare for a long day tomorrow!

Saturday we got up early and got to the tailgate by 9 a.m. We got everything set up, I got Remy a new outfit, and then it was time to chill, tailgate and visit with friends! Jimmy made some awesome chili, we got to hang out with Austin's bros and see his parents, and of course I got lots of girl time in - and time with Reuben (Remy stayed back - just too young for a tailgate!). Before game time Erin and Jonathan came to bring us tickets to the game! (yes, she offered us 2 free tickets to the game on Thursday - SO sweet!). Then we headed in and had a great time in the stadium - Austin was LOVING it. The weather was great too - definitely a perfect day. And Auburn won 49 to 31 over Georgia! We're officially 11-0 - winners of the SEC-West - now we'll be in the SEC championship game in Atlanta - how convenient!!!

packed house
Me, Austin with his mom, dad and bros!
Great to see Erin and JT - even though it was brief!
Forrest, Jimmy, Austin, Ryan, Tyler and E
Me, Austin and his bros
Teresa, Mary and me - had so much fun with these ladies! (and of course with baby Reuben)
Austin & his bros
Austin, Ryan and Jimmy acting goofy (as usual)
Austin, Reid and Brian - we hadn't seen them in forever!

After the game we cleaned up the tailgate and headed to Teresa/Forrest's for a chill night. Austin's bro Tyler stayed over too - I think him and Austin stayed up latest - a whopping 11:30. LOL Those day games/tailgating all day wears you out!!

Today we chilled out at Teresa & Forrest's for a while, then drove home - hitting up Kroger and Trader Joe's on the way. When we got home it was cooking time - I through together two new recipes and we each tried one - i'll post this this week - YUM! Great way to end a great weekend - so happy to be home, in bed, with the family watching Hotel for Dogs - adorable. :)

Q: How was your weekend? I loved mine. I'm so glad Austin is back home, and home for a while. I'm ready to hibernate!

Q: Tomorrow's Monday. Blah. What's one thing you're looking forward to? I'm excited about getting back on my workout schedule - ready to hit the gym at lunch and after work - woo!

P.S. I decided not to get those brown shoes. Stacy pointed out that they're 5" tall.... too tall. And my mom said they looked like hooves. Horse's hooves. hehe The search continues for more shoes...


Erica said...

What a fantastic weekend. Congrats on the win and (AS ALWAYS!) you look adorable at the game :) Glad you had fun but even more glad you're staying put for a bit ;). I have a lot of fun stuff coming up this week- dinner with friends Tuesday night & going up to my parents for brunch on Saturday. wahooo

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Sounds like a great weekend! We had a good, low-key weekend. Lots of hanging out, and I had lunch with a friend at the beach. It was great!

Have a great week!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

I love going to games! So much better than watching them on TV. Sounds like you had fun. Me, I'm still unpacking and trying to sell off furniture from our storage unit.

Kacy said...

I'm actually pretty excited about today! Going to eat greasy food with my family and good friend tonight. Woo hoo!

Sounds like a great weekend!

Pam said...

I happy for you that Austin is home... it looks like you had a great weerkend.

Kace said...

Hey, I just found your blog and am loving it! I saw you did C25k, I just started it so I'm curious as to how you're doing with it???

Also I am very much looking forward to Monday Night Football and cheering on my beloved Eagles!!! Go birds!

The Blonde Duck said...

What fun workout! 5 " heels? I couldn't even walk! I can barely walk in flip flops (I'm not talented.)

Beth @ bride in the lwd said...

I saw that Auburn defeated Georgia and thought of you! lol Hope you had a good Monday, can't wait to see the shopping pics. :)

Biz said...

What a great weekend Kelly! I only have four more work days, then I am OFF for nine days!

Not going anywhere, but I have projects I've been putting off that will get done.

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

Val said...

The wrap looks incredible. The dress is super cute. I use to live in Georgia and miss going to those games.