Sunday, December 12, 2010

7 Miles, Legs, Book Review, Breakfast Recipe

Thanks you guys!! And wow... we have some foot pain going on. I knew I wasn't alone but was still surprised to see everyone's problems all in one place. We keep podiatrists in business!! The foot has been okay... I just feel that it's wrong through and every once in a while I step on it wrong (getting out of bed or going up stairs) and a pain shoots through me. eek! Ready for my appt! In the meantime, all walking and NO running for me!

Friday was pretty chill! Just work, 4 miles during lunch with Stacy, more work, and then 3 miles after work + a leg workout with Stacy. Nice! note: I subbed the lunges for step ups and omitted the calf raises due to foot!

Love having a workout partner, especially on two-a-days. After our second workout I just headed home and had dinner with Austin! So chill and relaxing. I even finished a book: Susanna Sonnenberg’s Her Last Death. This was a book my mom had loaned me and told me was a must-read. I was still working on Mocking Jay and Marked, and was starting to give up on the Lace Reader. I figured why not rejuvenate my reading by trying a new one that’s bound to be good (trusting my mom’s book suggestions has never served me wrong). So I borrowed it from my mom and picked it up a few days ago and have just poured through it.It’s a memoir which, like my mom, I don’t normally go for. But this one is different. It’s told from a woman’s perspective and highlights her relationship with her mother. Her mother who exposed her to things far beyond her years, including cocaine at 12-years-old, not to mention her own antics with drug use, sex with endless men and more. It was an interesting tale of how one can persevere and try to become their own person, all while striving to maintain a relationship despite how toxic it may be. I really flew through it, and was very sad when it ended because I wanted more stories, more of how she felt, just more. Even though I know she had already told me a lot! I give it a 4.5/5 – a great book, albeit disturbing at times for sure (and included a bit too much graphic sex than necessary). A couple of times I thought something way worse would happen. I had braced myself. But then she would make it unscathed, relatively anyway. Total trainwreck – couldn’t stop reading.
Glad I read it but it almost drained me!

Saturday I woke up feeling wonderful! I love sleeping in a bit, or not even sleeping in but just getting up when I want to and not having to be anywhere. Bliss! I headed downstairs and immediately got to cooking! First, I made a recipe I've been DYING to make ever since Biz posted it a couple of weeks ago: Breakfast Nachos. Genius.

Breakfast Nachos
Recipe from My Bizzy Kitchen
Makes 2 Servings

Nutritional Information: 337 calories, 32 carbs, 15 fat grams and 18 protein grams.

Review: YUM. Seriously - I loved the flavors of the eggs, bacon and salsa and the crunch of the nachos, which made them really fun to eat. This, to me, is definitely more for the weekends as i'm not sure how it would reheat, but it could be easily switched to during the week if you made it more like a quesadilla or even a tostado. Regardless, I want mine in nacho form. It filled me up to - while the calories aren't super high the fat helped as well as the protein. Great recipe that i'll be making again!

Such a great start to the day! I'll post more about Saturday later (which involved a bit of shopping, some new shoes, pre-cooking, another new recipe and a birthday dinner - woo!). But now I need to head to Pottery Barn!! (nothing like Pottery Barn for breakfast)

Q: Memoirs: Yay or nay? This may have been my first memoir. I’ll have to think back but I think it was my first and it didn’t disappoint. It easily could have been fiction and, for the author’s sake, I wish it had been.

Q: Breakfast Nachos: Ever had them? Love them? I think it's just so smart! When she posted I just KNEW they would be a favorite for us!

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