Friday, December 17, 2010

Hey It's Okay..., 4 Miles, New Chili Recipe

Thanks, invisible friends! I too think the puppers are presh, but I also realize that i'm 100% bias and am okay with that. :) Eek - sounds like i'm not the only one who has dealt with the unpleasantries inherent with black ice. Sigh. It really is SO scary. It's definitely a downside to the cold weather. So is my demotivation due to cold + rainy weather.

So, let's look at yesterday in a 'Hey, It's Okay' kind of way - it was one of those lazy days for sure... Hey, it's okay....
  • To defrost 3 pounds of chicken and 1 pound of beef but never get around to cooking anything.
  • To send "photo updates" of your pups to the breeders you got them at. Surely they want to see the pups happy and in their holiday garb.
  • To make it to the gym for 4 miles during lunch... but to not make it back for the post-work 3 miles.
  • To get your suitcase out, get your "ski stuff" out, but not actually pack as you planned.
  • To watch 7+ episodes of How I Met Your Mother completely out of order.
  • To tear up four times over How I Met Your Mother.
  • To be nervous while your pups are at the boarders for their dual temperament test... and then be ecstatic reading the report card which indicates how well behaved, sweet and friendly they were to "other dogs and to each other."
  • To shower twice even though you barely broke up a sweat. Who doesn't LOVE a hot shower (or two) on a cold, rainy day?
Yes, that is my day in a nutshell. On another note, here is a new chili recipe we made on The Iron Bowl last month that I have failed to post! It makes a lot of servings and it froze well, so we've been eating it up until this week.

Classic Red Chili
Recipe adapted from My Kitchen Café
Makes 10 servings

Nutritional Information: 423 calories, 55 carbs, 7 fat grams and 34 protein grams.

Review: I really liked it, less smokey and more sweet. It has a lot of flavor and is definitely filling. I’m going to make this again – but by following the revised recipe that I posted on Healthified Kitchen.

Q: What do you like better: chili or soup? This is so hard to me - I kind of think they're the same thing, chili is just thicker. What do you think?

Q: What's your 'hey it's okay" today?


Mica said...

(Bodger's breeder specifically requested photos of him, so I'm sure that your pups' breeder is the same way. They like seeing that their babies are well taken care of!)

Let's see--I definitely thought it was okay yesterday to skip running in exchange for snow shoveling and vacuuming.

Biz said...

Wow - between chili and soup, that's hard to pick!

I made pasta fagoili (sp?) for my lunch today - I'll post the recipe on Monday, but you may like it!

Happy Friday!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

My mother in-law brought some chilli over for my girls last night. It was super yummy. I love both soup and chilli.

lee said...

I was nervous when Murphy had to go to the dog hotel for the temperment test too. He passed.

I think I like soup better, but I like both.

Erica said...

aw! The breeders definitely want to see the puppers! Your day sounds awesome to me :) I love both chili, soup & stew...I could never pick. And Hey- its okay to only cross half of the items off of your to do list

Kacy said...

I like soup better because there tends to be more variety, but I love both!

Tyler said...

Hey it's ok to induldge when it's your "lady time" cuz I did! Muahahaha!

KL said...

You know I share that love for How I met your mother! And Kev was out of town this week and I decided 'it was ok' not to clean until right before he got home. He will never know C and I lived in a mess for 3 days!!

And Im definitely a chili girl

Kelly Olexa said...

My "Hey It's Ok" today is....not getting out of my robe. All day long. Lazy KO. ;-)

lee said...

I was nervous when Murphy had to go to the dog hotel for the temperment test too. He passed.

I think I like soup better, but I like both.