Sunday, December 19, 2010

4 Miles, Tacky Sweater, Christmas

haha So true - it's OKAY to be lazy sometimes. In fact, I think it's good for you!! After Thursday's lazy day, Friday was MUCH more productive. I worked, then had my department awards ceremony/luncheon, where one of my big projects won! Yesssss $50 gift card! And my boss won MVP for our team which was well deserved and wonderful to see. Great day. I ended up getting off work at 2:30 p.m. so I headed home, went tacky christmas sweater shopping with Austin, got some Fro Yo at Yoforia, then went home to pack, eat dinner and have a couple of brews. Great Friday!

Saturday I woke up, walked 4 miles at the gym, cooked a couple of meals, got ready, and headed over to Scott & Mary's to pick them up - time to ride over to Birmingham for the Velotas Tacky Sweater Party! LOVED. On the way, we stopped at Austin's parents house and were able to have our Christmas with them - we exchanged gifts and had fun doing family Christmas pictures and such - always a good time with his family - everyone is FUNNY - so it's lots of laughs guaranteed. After the Martin's, we got to the Velotas's, got unpacked and let the fun begin! So good to see so many of our besties all at once! We had a few drinkies, tons of great conversations, a million laughs and took LOTS of photos and video clips - oh my. Here are a few of my favorite pics:

Besties - Mary, Scott, Teresa, Forrest, Mary & Jimmy

Ze ladies
Teresa & Forest - so cute!
Scott, Austin, Andy and Forrest! (and the smoke monster)
Teresa, Me, Mon and Mary! (in b/w - love b/w)
Loved our double date with the "lanorys"
Love this guy! Great Christmas with him - our 9th one as a couple
Paul & Cara - SO dang cute!
Scott & mary - Mary getting (pretend) annoyed at Scott's incessant photo taking! hehe
Me and my big boy Reuben
Mary, T, Me and Mary - me and T were in a Mary sammy!
Besties! Reuben, Remy, Daisy and Cassie
Scott, Austin, Forrest and Jimmy - frat bros for life - love it :)
Late night: T, Mar, Me and Mel - and the ladies, Daisy and Remy - we enjoyed a girl heart-to-heart in the man room!
Melanie and Remy became best friends!
Scott crashed out early. We messed with him out of love.
Austin's bro Tyler came by - great to visit with him!
Mary & Jimmy were on fire! lol
I mean really! haha
Ze boys
GREAT NIGHT - but wow. Time to rest and get ready for our big trip tomorrow - WOO!

Q: What was the highlight of your weekend? Mine was definitely just being in Birmingham - so good to be with so many of our family and friends!

Q: What are you doing for Christmas? We'll be skiing with Austin's fam- can't wait - always have an awesome time with them. Then, when we get back to Atlanta, it's more celebrating with my family for Christmas and for my mom's birthday! (the 26th)


Erica said...

The sweater pictures are AWESOME. I am so throwing one of these parties next year!! Glad you had such a nice weekend. The highlight of mine was probably spending time with my parents & Josh at lunch on Saturday!

lee said...

Nice sweaters! You know, I've never actually been to a tacky sweater party.

The highlight of my weekend was making my own sushi at a friends house. That was pretty fun.

We're in town for Christmas too and I'm desperately trying to think of something to do for NYE because I have friends coming from London and want to show them a good time. Ideas?

Tyler said...

The highlight of my weekend was a $500 shopping spree to Victorias Secret courtesy of VS secret rewards! Amazeballs! Christmas will be chill. My sis will be in town so that will be lovely! Glad your weekend was fab!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

My daughter went to a tacky Christmas sweater party - it was hysterical!! You still look fabulous!!

Biz said...

Hannah and I totally power shopped on Saturday - got all my Christmas shopping done in one day!

I have an ugly sweater day at my office tomorrow - I will post it on Tuesday, but its a sweater vest of all cats, with collars that have bells on them - its so ugly!

Glad you enjoyed your weekend! :D

Gabriela said...

9 Christmases together!! Wow!! Time flies :) The highlight of my weekend was probably my boyfriend's birthday dinner at his parents' last night. It was nice to just have someone else cook and enjoy their company! And on Christmas I'm cooking for 30 people. Yikes!

Kacy said...

Love all the pictures! Too fun!

I'll be spending Christmas with family. Saturday with my Mom and Sunday with my Dad. Can't wait!

Jess@atasteofconfidence said...

I love ugly sweater parties! I am spending Christmas at home with the fam:)

The Blonde Duck said...

I love the pictures posing with the pups! Have a Merry Christmas!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

Love the tacky sweater party! Awesome.

Melissa said...

I've never been to a tacky Christmas sweater party but would love too! Great pics!!!!
I'm heading to my parents house tomorrow for the week for Christmas and some belated birthday celebration!

Tami said...

Great sweater party!

We are having Christmas at our house! I shall be cooking and baking up a storm!

Happy Holidays to you!

Josie said...

I love tacky sweater parties! so awesome!! This Christmas we're laying low and having fun with the kiddies : )

Val said...

Loving the sweaters!!! So much fun.

Danielle said...

I love me some ugly sweaters.

Hope you have a great Christmas!

Lawgirl said...

I stumbled on your blog a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. I live in Atlanta and have two furbabies (Yorkies) I love too!

Jenni said...


Danielle said...

I love me some ugly sweaters.

Hope you have a great Christmas!

Josie said...

I love tacky sweater parties! so awesome!! This Christmas we're laying low and having fun with the kiddies : )

Val said...

Loving the sweaters!!! So much fun.