Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Tortellini Bake, My First Ramekin, Easy A, Karma works QUICK *#%@#

Thanks, invisible friends! Sounds like i'm not the only one who liked Going the Distance, or the one who hearts some sweet & sour chicken! It's so yummy but I refuse to order from a restaurant - so glad to have a recipe I can go to when I crave it! So my Monday was somewhat glorious! I slept in and woke up when my body wanted to. Which turned out to be 10 a.m. No judgment. I then cleaned up some recipes and found out their calories online, made a massive grocery list, played with my puppies and then headed out to Publix, Kroger and Petco for food for the whole family. I also hit up Crate & Barrel for some of these:
Um, this photo is close to scale. hehe Point being - mini quiches are ON - i'm so pumped to use these bad boys. I went ahead and got 4 of these and 2 glass ones to see which I like better. These are certainly prettier if you ask me. That counts for something, right? Anywho, after the stores and unpacking the car it was time to cook. I made two new recipes, here's one:

no - the picture doesn't do its taste justice. boo.

Chicken Tortellini Bake
Recipe adapted from Mel’s Kitchen CafĂ©
Makes 4 Servings

Nutritional Information: 462 calories, 41 carbs, 11 fat grams and 43 protein grams.

After cooking and cleaning it was family movie night! We watched Easy A and thought it was hilarious! While some parts were a bit cringe-worthy, others were smart, cute and funny. We especially loved her family - her mother and father were so funny and it was nice to see how her personality made sense! I think Emma Stone is adorable and funny, and loved how the film poked fun at cliches. I also adored seeing Penn Badgley in the film - I think he's just a cute boy next door. All in all, i'd give this movie a 4/5. It probably would have been a 5 if her best friend had been less annoying, if Emma Stone had been a bit less of a pushover (at first it was nice then it was like okay chica it's okay to say no) and if there had been a little less mockery of religious peeps. Just sayin'.

Tuesday was pretty slow going - went to work (where it's DEAD), went to lunch with Stacy at P.F. Chang (great to catch up with her!), went straight home after work (no workouts - still sore from skiing but am totally going to get back to working out on Wednesday - no more excuses!), hung out with Austin and the pups and called it an early night. I WILL say that on the way home this went down: I'm waiting at a light to go right and when it turns green this car pulls out RIGHT in front of me (from an adjoining parking lot) and I almost hit it (as I'd probably only left 4 feet between me and the car in front of me). I lay on my horn and he flicks me off, turns around (to stare at me) and says 'F*CK YOU' while speeding off being an even bigger asshole and SLAMMING into the car in front of him. Karma much? Then, when I go to drive around him because, you know, he's stopped traffic with his wreck and all, he rolls his window down and says, "Thank you, you f*cking BITCH!" Merry Christmas, right? Geez! So being the classy lady that I am, I roll down MY window and say, "REALLY, you think this was MY fault, asshole?" And I drive off. Austin was on the phone the whole time. LOL Still can't believe that guy! And to answer any follow up questions, no, thankfully no one was hurt but yes, that guy will certainly have to pay at least his deductible as he sped into the car that was maybe 20 feet in front of him at approximately 25 mph. I kid you not - I've NEVER see karma work that fast.

Q: Have you seen Easy A? If so, did you like it? If not, do you want to see it?

Q: Have you ever cooked with a ramekin? If so, please, please, please drop a recipe link if you have one! :)

Q: Have you ever seen karma work that fast?


Genesis said...

ive been wanting to see easy A...thanks for the review

i bought some ramekins at walmart...they were the oven to table type and were stark white. i love that i can bake with them and use them for other stuff. ive been meaning to get tiny ones but they would be completely useless in our household since everyone likes a big portion

Gabriela said...

I just saw Easy A the other night and loved it!! I thought it was way funnier and smarter than most teen films these day, but I agree that the negative image of religion in general wasn't cool. A friend of mine is a film major at NYU and gets all the Hollywood movie gossip and she told me that the movie was originally supposed to be much more overtly sexual- almost like an American Pie type thing. In the end though, they decided that the teenage boy demographic that kind of film is geared for wouldn't go for the plot as much and changed their demographic to a teenage girl one. Interesting, huh?

Erica said...

WOW - what a jerk! That is craziness. I haven't seen easy A but it sounds cute. I heard Emma Stone is going to be in the new Spiderman? LOVE ramekins. This is my fav recipe:

Hope said...

I want to see Easy A. It looks like a good movie.

That is crazy about the guy! I get so scared driving because of these crazy people! It's amazing how quickly karma worked. I am firm believer in karma.

The tortellini bake looks amazing! That sauce looks so good.

Anonymous said...

I so want to see Easy A! I need to add it to Netflix.

We got those same ramekins for our wedding and I'm looking for a reason to use them. :) They're just so adorable.

Karma is crazy and bad drivers are awful. DC/VA/MD is full of AWFUL drivers -- you never have any idea what they're going to do...

Christina said...

hahah that's kinda funny...his anger def got the best of him!! glad he didn't hit you !

Kacy said...

The bf and I keep talking about watching that movie but we haven't gotten around to it yet. Glad to hear it's good!

Samma said...

I saw Easy A in the theater and adored it! I agree completely about the best friend though- yuck. I hated people like her in high school that just needed so much attention all the time! I make mini souffles and casseroles in my ramekins a lot. I will think on specific recipes.

Glad you had such a great time skiing. Your story reminds me of one of my guy friends. He recently missed a call from his dad, and had a voicemail. Well, apparently he didn't realize his phone was still on, as his dad's message (in his thick Southern accent)consisted of "Fuck you. . . (5 second pause) Motherfucker." Guess he had a case of road rage. Hee. My friend has played it repeatedly for everyone, but stil hasn't told his dad, who would be so embarassed.

Val said...

I loved the movie Easy was smart and witty.

fittingbackin said...

Genesis: Yes - you need to see it girl! Interesting - I didn't think to look there! I hope I get use out of mine!

Gabriela: hehe yay! I agree - very true! Oh wow - that's so cool. I can see that but am so glad they went a different direction. Thanks for sharing - very cool insider info. Heart!

Erica: Right?! Scare bear - crazy guy. You need to see it! And THANK YOU for the link - I checked it out... we will be having those VERY soon! (I even have all of the ingredients on hand - bliss).

Hope: You must! Um... yes... psycho. THanks - I loved the sauce - creamy and fabulous!

Anna: Add it! And I will totally do a ramekin round up and post recipes once I gather some - can't wait!

Christina: I know, right? Psycho!

Kacy: Yes - must see!

Samma: you couldn't be more right about that - so mentally exhausting! oooh yes - mini casseroles - send any or post to your blog! OH THAT'S HILARIOUS! Wow... i'm sure he would have DIED if he'd known! LOL

Val: I agree - smart and witty for sure!

DecoratedAndExhausted said...

Geesh! Karma worked big time for that guy!!!! Good grief! What a jerk!

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

I always want ramekins. I have no recipes for them, just want them because the seem fun. LOVE that karma came so quickly to to that JA. Very glad no one was hurt at least.

Kristi said...

I want a ramekin!!! I was just telling my coworker today that it was on my wish list.
Your tortellini bake looks great!

Mica said...

I have ramekins. I usually just use them for small bowls of whatever (yogurt, nuts, etc.), but I have made creme brulee in them.

I loved "Easy A" for the same reasons. I love when Stanley Tucci's character sits down with the adopted son and says, "So, where are you from originally?"

Tyler said...

What a dick! Some people can't take responsibility for their own actions and it's a bit ridiculous.

I haven't seen Easy A or used ramekins to cook with but I think both sound delightful!

KL said...

I would have loved to see austin's face as you were on the phone with him yelling out your window!

Lindsey said...

Geez what a sh-t head - so glad he got his come-upance (sp?)

Buckhead Belle said...

WOW. Crazy Atl drivers! Glad you're ok! And still laughing about that little instance of karma.

Kelly Olexa said...

OH man!! I wish I was there to see that jag get his karma. What a freak!! ;-(

Kelly Olexa said...

OH man!! I wish I was there to see that jag get his karma. What a freak!! ;-(

Val said...

I loved the movie Easy was smart and witty.