Friday, December 24, 2010

Our First Day at Vail, Turtle Bus

Hi Invisible Friends! I'm sorry if i'm boring you all with my trip's documentation! haha It's just great to be able to recap every day. I swear if I didn't I wouldn't remember anything that we did here - so super fun (for me.) :) I know everyone is SO busy with the holidays and I hope you're all having wonderful Christmas Eves with your loved ones!!!

On to yesterday, which was kind of awesome – it was our first day skiing at Vail! We got up early and met a shuttle, which took us to a bus stop where we took the Turtle Bus Bar. This bus basically goes straight to Vail with only one stop (some have TONS of stops and take up to an hour). We got there, locked our stuff up and headed out on the slopes. I really liked skiing at Vail – it’s just ridiculously huge. I’ve never been to a place with so many runs. I mean really – some areas were steep with trees in between, some were wide open bowls where you could traverse for 500’, and some were standard runs – narrow versions, wide versions, runs with rolling hills, ones with one constant steep slope. It was a playground and we had a blast. We ate lunch on the mountain then spent the remainder of the day out and about. We DID get in a pretty bad snowstorm. While we were on a lift. Even with all of my stuff, goggles, helmet, etc. the snow was like NEEDLES. Thankfully, it let up quick and we were able to ski all day. Afterwards we met up with Austin and his mom (Austin was able to ski in the a.m. - not in the afternoon). We met at Vendetta’s, had a small slice of pizza and got back on the Turtle Bus – which has a bar in it (and a liquor license on the wall – hilarious). They served us beer and we sang the whole way back. LOL Good times. We got back to the condo, hit up the hot tub (glorious outdoor hot tub), showered and then ordered in Dusty Boot. I had an awesome spicy southwest salmon salad. Awesome. Then I read a bit more Blame and called it a day! Here's some pics:

The outside of the Turtle Bus Bar
Austin's dad -I had another great day following him around the mountain!
The boys at lunch at the Two Elk Lodge on the mountain top
Me and Austin... glad we got the trash cans behind us LOL Of all of the picturesque views! haha
The inside of the Turtle Bus - that's the bar area!
\Q: Have you ever been on a Bus… with a Bar? This was my first time. It was hilarious! I’ve done the limo thing and Atlanta’s fur bus, but this is hilarious!

Q: It’s Christmas Eve – whatcha doing?


lee said...

We made dinner and drank special adult hot chocolate by the fire.

I've seen the fur bus a million times but I've never been on it.

Tyler said...

I've been on a bus with a my handbag! OOOOOOHHH! I'm classy, what can I say?

I celebrated Christmas with my Mom's side of the fam this evening. I opted not to go to Ryan's gathering this year. It's crappy out, it's being held a ways away, and it's depressing.

Hope your Christmas is great!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Looks like you are having a great time!

We had dinner at our house last night and the toddler got to open a few gift...

Merry Christmas!

Kelly Olexa said...

Merry Christmas Honey!! :-)

Kacy said...

I don't think I've ever been on a bus with a bar but it sounds super fun :)