Monday, December 6, 2010

Salad #2, Chicago, 4.5 miles, New Chili Recipe!

Hi! Sorry so absent on blog commenting - I hope to catch up tomorrow! It does sound like you guys had great weekends!! Love it - and thank you for your sweet comments about AU - it's so fun to see your alma mater doing so well in sports and getting great recognition - I hope we're able to go to the National Championship this year!!

So I've had an interesting, busy day today! Real quick back up, yesterday was very chill - just lunch with Teresa and Forrest while watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a nap, crap movies with Austin, rest and packing for Chicago - I have a training conference there so i'm in Chicago Monday- Wednesday. Anywho, I did have a salad! That would be Salad #2 in my 10 salads in December mini challenge. :)

romaine, fat-free feta cheese, rotel slowcooker shredded chicken, cherry tomatoes, cilanto salad dressing

We also had a new recipe for lunch - Creamy White Chicken. A new favorite for sure!

Creamy White Chili
Recipe adapted from My Kitchen Café
Makes 6 Servings

Nutritional Information: 384 calories, 27 carbs, 15 fat grams and 29 protein grams.

Review: Wow. The sour cream + whipping cream base really make this soup taste sinful. The can of green chiles adds a nice kick, but it's mild (add a second can for even more!). There is nothing I would do different. The serving may not look huge but it packs a lot of protein with the chicken and beans and kept me full for hours. Austin, Teresa and Forrest agree that this soup is a winner! Austin liked his with a piece of toast.

So Sunday wasn't bad, but today has been a whirlwind! Not bad, just busy! I woke up early, headed to the airport, and landed in Chicago! The day was spent dealing with Apple (iPhone problems) and shopping (got a new pair of boots and two coats - woo!). Very successful - also got some Christmas shopping done. :) Definitely a nice day! I had a great lunch of salmon and rice, and a yummy dinner of chicken pizza. I even got in a workout at the hotel: a 1.5 mile walk, 2-mile run, then another 1.5-mile walk - 5 miles total!
I'm now EXHAUSTED and in bed - have a full day of training tomorrow, and need to do some cardio too! I'll post pics of new purchases tomorrow, as well as some Chicago pics! For now here's one - the Crate & Barrel one block down! It looks like Santa's workshop! LOL The low is 13... brrrrrrr!
Q: Have you ever been to Chicago? I've only been one time before this time and just LOVED it. Had the best experience at the hotel and loved how genuinely kind and chatty everyone was everywhere, , from the staff to other patrons! Just a great city.

Q: Did you have a good Monday? Mine was really nice - I love this city AND cold weather although wow... it's COLD!


Erica said...

Glad the rest of your weekend was nice! Traveling for work is always exhausting- but its better when you go some place cool! I've been to chicago a few times for work but didn't really get to explore the city. Enjoy it! The white chicken chili looks fab. I made something like this for Josh a long time ago, I think I need to make it again

lee said...

It's been cold at home too. Right now, it's 23 degrees according to yahoo weather. (This is at 8 am on Tuesday.)

Mica said...

I've been to Chicago several times now. It's good fun, but the winter is horrible. I would probably be miserable there in the winter.

Anne Marie said...

Never been to Chicago, but would love to go!

Dawn Dishes It Out said...

Never been to chicago other than a plane change. I have heard wonderful things about it though. I'd like to go when its warm :)

Kacy said...

I love Chicago! Although, it's too cold for me. I hope the next time I go back it will be warmer. I've been twice and froze both times!

Beth @ bride in the little white dress said...

Mmm that salad looks good right now! I sometimes use purple cabbage to spice things up. I love how it retains its texture when its loaded with lots of goodies. Never been to Chicago, would love to visit the windy city. Hope you have a good trip! :)

Kristi said...

That creamy white chili looks so good.

Pam said...

That chili looks sooooo good!