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Working on My Fitness - 2012

K - here goes, going to plan my workouts in advance and track them here. This used to work out VERY well, then I kind of fell off the wagon (with tracking), and I found I didn't hold myself as accountable. I'd work through lunch instead. I was being more reactive than proactive. No more! Here goes.

May 2012

Monday, April 30: a.m. 2-mile run + 1/2 mile walk + biceps + shoulders; lunchtime: 3-mile walk DONE
Tuesday, May 1: a.m. turbofire + P90 ab ripper
Wednesday, May 2: a.m. 1-hour circuit class; work lunch
Thursday, May 3: lunchtime leg circuit and stretching
Friday, May 4: lunchtime 3-mile walk + P90X ab ripper
Saturday, May 5: 11 pilates; noon zumba
Sunday, May 6: 10:30 cycle

Monday, May 7: a.m. 2-3 mile run + P90 ab ripper; lunchtime; work lunch
Tuesday, May 8: a.m. turbofire; lunchtime: 2-3 mile walk & biceps/triceps
Wednesday, May 9: a.m. 1-hour circuit class; lunchtime: 2-mile walk + P90X ab ripper
Thursday, May 10: lunchtime leg circuit and stretching
Friday, May 11: lunchtime 3-mile walk + P90X ab ripper; out of town
Saturday, May 12: out of town
Sunday, May 13: out of town

Monday, May 14: a.m. 2-3 mile run + P90 ab ripper; lunchtime: 2-3 mile walk & biceps/triceps
Tuesday, May 15: a.m. turbofire; work lunch
Wednesday, May 16: a.m. 1-hour circuit class;  lunchtime: 2-mile walk + P90X ab ripper
Thursday, May 17: lunchtime leg circuit and stretching
Friday, May 18: lunchtime 3-mile walk + P90X ab ripper
Saturday, May 19: 11 pilates; noon zumba (or a spin class)
Sunday, May 20: OOT

Monday, May 21: OOT
Tuesday, May 22: OOT
Wednesday, May 23: OOT
Thursday, May 24: OOT
Friday, May 25: OOT
Saturday, May 26:
Sunday, May 27:

Monday, May 28: a.m. 2-3 mile run + P90 ab ripper; lunchtime: 2-3 mile walk & biceps/triceps
Tuesday, May 29: a.m. turbofire
Wednesday, May 30: a.m. 1-hour circuit class; lunchtime: 2-mile walk + P90X ab ripper
Thursday, May 31: lunchtime leg circuit and stretching

April 2012
Sunday, April 1:
Monday, April 2: (a.m.) ran 1.25 miles/walked 1/4 mile/abs/biceps/shoulders; 3-mile walk
Tuesday, April 3: (a.m.) 3-mile walk; (p.m.) 2- mile walk)
Wednesday, April 4: 1-hour Tabata Method class (full body)
Thursday, April 5: Off
Friday, April 6: Off
Saturday, April 7: Off
Sunday, April 8: Off

Monday, April 9: 2-mile run + 1/4 mile walk
Tuesday, April 10: 55 minute turbo fire
Wednesday, April 11: 1-hour tabata metho circuit class
Thursday, April 12: Off
Friday, April 13: Off
Saturday, April 14: Off
Sunday, April 15: Off

Monday, April 16: 2-mile run
Tuesday, April 17: Jilliam Michael's 30-minute killer buns & thighs
Wednesday, April 18: 1-hour tabata method circuit class
Thursday, April 19: Off
Friday, April 20: Off
Saturday, April 21: Off
Sunday, April 22: Off

Monday, April 23: 2-mile run/1/4 mile walk
Tuesday, April 24: 1/2 mile run; 15 minute HITT; 30 minute sculpt (turbofire)
Wednesday, April 25: 2-mile run/1/4 mile walk
Thursday, April 26: Off
Friday, April 27: Off
Saturday, April 28: Off
Sunday, April 29: TBD

March 2012

Feel off tracking wagon :(

February 2012

Wednesday, February 1:
Thursday, February 2: Off
Friday, February 3: (a.m.) P90X + 2-mile run; (lunch) 3-mile walk
Saturday, February 4: (a.m.) spin

Sunday, February 5: Off
Monday, February 6: (a.m.) P90X + 1-mile run; (lunch) 3-mile walk
Tuesday, February 7: (a.m.) P90X; (lunch) 3-mile walk
Wednesday, February 8: (a.m.) P90X + 2-mile run
Thursday, February 9: Off (yoga/stretching)
Friday, February 10: (a.m.) P90X + 2-mile run; (lunch) 3-mile walk
Saturday, February 11: (a.m.) spin

Got crazy busy - lost track until APRIL!

January 2012
Sunday, January 1: Off
Monday, January 2: Travel
Tuesday, January 3: Skiing
Wednesday, January 4: Skiing
Thursday, January 5: Skiing
Friday, January 6: Skiing
Saturday, January 7: Travel

Sunday, January 8: Off
Monday, January 9: (a.m.) 1.5 mile run; 1/2 mile walk DONE
Tuesday, January 10: (a.m.) P90X plyometrics DONE
Wednesday, January 11: (a.m.) P90X Back/Bicep/abs; (lunch) 3-mile walk DONE
Thursday, January 12: Yoga/stretching DONE
Friday, January 13: (a.m.) P90X legs/back/abs; DONE
Saturday, January 14: Off

Sunday, January 15: Off
Monday, January 16: HOLIDAY; P90X arms DONE
Monday, January 23: (a.m.) P90X chest & back ; 3-mile walk (lunch) DONE
Tuesday, January 24: (a.m.) P90X plyos; 3-mile walk (lunch) DONE
Wednesday, January 25: (a.m.) P90X shoulders/biceps/triceps DONE
Thursday, January 26: Yoga/stretching DONE
Friday, January 27: (a.m.) 3-mile walk (lunch) DONE
Saturday, January 28: Off

Sunday, January 29: Off
Monday, January 30: (a.m.) P90X; 3-mile walk (lunch) DONE

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