Wednesday, February 9, 2011

4 Miles, New Risotto Recipe, $4 Coats, Groupon Love

Yes, friends - it's Wednesday (i.e. one day closer to the WEEKEND!). I'm so ready. It's not even the weekend for me - it's one day closer to having this one project done that has been an ABSOLUTE thorn in my side. I can see the end. It is near. I'm SO READY for it to be off my plate. I've literally woken up every day dreading going in to work to deal with the wrath that this project has brought. SIGH. But it's over soon. WOO!

Wow, had to get that out there. Anyway! Thanks for the well wishes on my feeling better! Yesterday was the same as before, woke up feeling a little funny, around 1 p.m. got a horrible headache and overall 'face ache' (pressure in cheeks, temples, etc.) and then just kind of felt bad all afternoon. I did work, walked 4 miles during lunch, worked more and then called it a day - heading straight home to PJs + the family! This was pretty much my night - watching TV with Austin and playing with our baby poodle mixes. I did prep some recipes (get them into Spark People - tweak them so they're in my calorie range, etc.), and am ready to cook! Here is a new one I made tonight:
Recipe adapted from a Lauren’s Kitchen
Makes 4 Servings

Nutritional Information: 312 calories, 45 carbs, 8 fat grams and 8 protein grams.

In other news, I didn't get a full lunch today. I got about 30 minutes. And I had a Groupon that was expiring soon so there you go - time to go to my favorite boutique Fabrik!

Here's the situation:
  • I bought a Groupon for $25; it got me $60 worth the items.
  • I find an $83 coat I loved on sale for $60. Perfect - it will be free (or technically $25).
  • I take it to the front and she tells me that coats are 'buy one get one free.' Are you freaking kidding me? Awesome.
  • So I go and find another coat. It's $98 on sale for $68 (or technically $8... $33 with groupon).
  • So at the end of the day, I left the store with two coats that would have been $194 with tax... instead I paid $8.56 with tax. Or technically, $33.56. Regardless, I'm SO pumped for two great, lined coats that I know i'll wear for a long time. I truly heart that the receipt says I saved $176, or 95.58%. LOL
Without further ado, here are the new coats!

coat numero uno - I love the color and weight on this coat. I'm all for tulle brand coats! The little pleats are fun too!
The back - I loved the vertical seams and the belt is adjustable so you can tighten or loosen the coat - very cool!
coat numero dos. This ws the second one I found. It's super vintage - love how it has the pleating on one side and the color is super classic. Also, I like how it's buttoned - but the buttons are all behind (except for the top one). And it's lined in a pretty gold fabric - fun!
Here it is unbuttoned - I prefer it buttoned, but it's fine this way too. I didn't take a pic of the back - pretty standard! I think the most different thing about this wool coat for me is the deep v in the front - i'm so used to long coats having a collar or something! I think this coat will go well over dressy dresses, too, like for winter weddings or what not.

Q: Do you have love for Groupon? This was the first one i've bought and used so far - i'm impressed! I think the key, for me, is only buying them at places I KNOW I love and will find something, and making SURE I don't let it expire as this would upset me.

Q: Which do you prefer: short coats or long ones? I'm definitely a long-coat fan, although i'm trying to get more into short coats and blazers. I think they're super cute and great for work - long coats get in the way and look so outdoor-only, whereas I think you can get away with wearing a short one all day long!


Jenny said...

Ooohhh that second coat is my FAVORITE! I love the collar and everything about it! said...

I like short coats. But both on other people- it's just a me thing!
I love groupon! It is so convenient. I just got some expensive beer half price thanks to them (haha not exactly healthy living blog material :))

Christina said...

SUCH cute coats! i love the first one. i freaking love groupon. i just purchased a $10 one for $20 worth at barnes & noble. cha ching! i already used that baby!

Lee said...

Love Groupon. Do you use Scoutmob? I love that too.

Adorably Distracted... said...

that's awesome! I love a good deal and those coats are SO cute!

Hope said...

What an amazing deal on the coats! They are so cute! I 've never used Groupon before. I really need to start using it so I can get amazing deals like you did! :)

Gabriela said...

That's seriously the most amazing Groupon deal I've EVER heard of!! I've bought a couple for restaurants and stuff like that, but never that good!

I like mid-length coats...right past my hip. Short makes my back cold (I have a long torso), and I always seem to sit in stuff with long!

Danielle said...

So I have mixed emotions on Groupon. I love the idea, I’ve just never bought a coupon. I get the e-mails… just need to take the plunge. :)

LOVE the coats!

Anne Marie said...

I've never used Groupon, but so many people rave about it! The coats are really cute!

MaryT said...

hope you're finally feeling better - good for you for sticking to the workouts. I was feeling sick earlier this week and read that its fine to do cardio if you're fever free and its sick above the neck (ie: no excuse fo rme to be lazy) the coats - what an awesome deal!!! I tend to go for short coats bc they're pretty versitle and I feel like I don't get swamped by a coat past my knees. I'll have to check Fabrik out!

Kerr said...

I love your coats! What an AMAZING deal. I love Groupon, I buy them fairly often.

Heather (Where's the Beach) said...

I am a coat junkie. Love those and what a deal!!! Sorry about work, but at least there's an end in sight.

hbobier said...

I love Groupon!! Haha. As for now though, I've only bought them for restaurants and bars--I haven't seen one for a boutique yet.

As for coats, it has to be long. It is -10 in Minnesota right now, we need to bundle up! :)

That Breakfast Risotto looks pretty dang tasty, too!

Genesis said...

im definitely a groupon whore, but because we live an hour away from where all the groupons can be redeemed i only buy if its totally worth it. last week they had one for rock climbing and i snagged two :)

love love love the coats.

breakfast risotto looks interesting. i actually made risotto last night with some cheese made on our campus...ugh to di for.

Kristi said...

I love your coats, and even better was the great deals you got on them.
I'm just beginning to get into groupons, but I'm sure it'll become my best friend :)

Erica said...

First off- risotto is so good! This version sounds fabulous. And what a deal! Both coats are adorable- the gray is my favorite!! Groupon ROCKS! I can't get enough of it! Sorry I've been MIA! I will finally have a post up tomorrow morning

Anonymous said...

LOVE the coats! both so cute! I like long coats the best. I'm a weenie when I'm cold. :)

I love groupon, but I am a sucker for a deal and tend to buy them even when I don't *need* them. haha oops!

Kacy said...

WOW those are awesome and what an amazing deal.

I do like Groupon and I've bought several, but they're new ad campaigns are really terrible and politically incorrect. I don't get it. I'm getting close to not wanting to buy them anymore because they're pretty offensive.

Hope you finish up your project soon girl!

Melissa said...

I've never bought a Groupon before. I guess I've never seen one that caught my eye. Great deals!!!

haute.teapot said...

I've never used Groupon but will have to check it out--and what a deal!!! Love it and they both look so good on you. I'm usually a fan of longer coats too! :)