Saturday, February 12, 2011

Paper Plate Lunges, Sweet Baby Ava, A Photo Shoot

Happy Weekend, friends! Thanks for your comments on me and my beseties' photogs! We have a great time together, and while it's a challenge to keep up when we're all 4+ hours apart, I think we do a pretty good job! (If I do say so myself :) ) So yesterday I woke up early and took in another hour long body pump class at 8:30 a.m. OMG. This one was TOTALLY different than the last. Don't get me wrong - the last was great, perhaps we could say 'intermediate.' This one? Advanced all the way- I had to stop SEVERAL times and truly almost felt like I was going to throw up twice. (hence the stopping - can you imagine the embarrassment?? LOL) So basically it was just intense. She gave us paper plates for lunges. I'd never done this. I found a video to help explain:
We did these to the back. We would do one leg a time, then alternate, then fast, then slow, you name it. Over 100 easy. Then we did them to the side. Then we would lay on our benches on our backs and slide both legs out then in while in a pulse position. Then we would get in planks, put our legs out and do X's. It was like nonstop! Every once in a while we'd get a "break" to do push ups, dead lifts and shoulder presses, but it was crazy leg-focused and I am already so very sore! Wonderful class! Afterwards I walked 2 miles, then headed home to whip up a few new recipes, pack, shower, etc. Then I was off to Alabama - a boring, 4-hour drive by myself but what are you going to do? I got in and drove straight to the golf course to meet my stepdad and his buddies. I had two beers with them, then headed home, had dinner, then met Lindz at Ruby Tuesday's, then got to Megan's to see her, Clint and the baybay! Here's some pics:
sweet little girl
happy new mommy
fun with little ava - trying to get her to eat!
She wasn't having it!
Lindz, Meags and me
loving on Ava
little monkey feet
sleepy baby
There it is - she'll eat!

Good times for sure! So happy to see them so happy - she is a living doll and I know they're so proud of her!

Q: Do you like holding babies or do you shy away? I think it totally depends on the baby and on the parents. Some i'm like yes, give me the baby now! Others it makes me nervous - like the super small babies!

Q: Ever done paper plate lunges? omg I can barely walk today!


Erica said...

Glad class was good! That was definitely not a traditional pump class- sounds like the instructor modified it a bit. But I'm so glad it was a rockin workout! I have done paper plate lunges and pushups before- AWESOME! Awww-such a cute little peanut! I honestly haven't done a lot of baby holding...but I will soon haha. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Your body pump class sounds intense!!! I've seen lunges with paper plates before but have never tried them. I'll have to try them!

Ava is soooo cute! I love holding babies... :-)

fittingbackin said...

Erica - yes! I stayed back and talked to her and it turns out this is her group of ladies who followed her from another county and they, apparently, are advanced so she "does it more like P90" - I don't know... whateva - we didn't use the weights much but I did think I was going to keel over!

Lee said...

That does look really hard. I would have been right there with you almost puking!

I'm not a big baby holder. I'm always afraid that I'm going to do something wrong! Like not support their neck or whatever. I like holding them when their a bit older though.

Tyler said...

My legs hurt just reading that! I love babies if they aren't super squirmy or crying. It took me 45 mins to get a baby to stop crying and to sleep at work once. I was breaking in her room and was all alone. It was an awful feeling because I didn't know much about her except that homegirl was straight PISSED!

Jenn@slim-shoppin said...

I have 3 kids, but they are 9, 12 and 14, so I LOVE picking up babies! A lot of my friends at work are just starting to have families, so its great to hold one again.

Great class you took!!! Even though you had to stop a few times at least you did it!

Kelly Olexa said...

Even though I don't have kids and never wanted kids of my own, I've taken care of 4 nieces and now a brand new nephew....I'm actually very good with babies and kids....I hear that a no, I don't shy away from it. ;-)
The paper plate lunges, I've used ValSlides for similar ones and OMG it is amazing how hard it works the lower body isn't it? TOUGH STUFF!

Mica said...

That sounds like a really hard class. Why are they called paper plate lunges? I didn't see any plates, and I don't get the connection. What am I missing???

I don't really like holding babies, but I don't also know anyone with babies right now. Maybe I would like it? Though on principle, I hate when parents say, "Do you want to hold her?"

...because what can I say? It's not like I can say "um, no thanks." Stupid loaded baby questions.

Kacy said...

She's adorable! I definitely shy away. I'm not good with babies, especially when they're that little. But I like looking at them lol!

Biz said...

I love holding babies, but am glad to hand them back when they start to cry!

Nope, never have done paper plates before, but when I do lunges, I am always sore the next day.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Val said...

BE STILL MY HEART...Breakfast Potato Skins??? YUM.

haute.teapot said...

LOVE these photos, you look gorgeous! I've never done those lunges and I do shy away if they're itty bitty, I get scared I might drop them, I know that sounds horrible but my nephew made me more comfortable; I became an expert swaddle-er! Haha.

Kacy said...

She's adorable! I definitely shy away. I'm not good with babies, especially when they're that little. But I like looking at them lol!