Wednesday, March 9, 2011

True Life: Should I Become a Coffee Drinker?; 3.25 Miles, Pasta Salad Recipe

Thanks for sticking with me as I switched over to disqus. I just really wanted a better way to comment back to commenters. I was debating between disqus and intense debate and finally just bit the bullet and did it! Yay! Anywho - not much else was up with me yesterday, just worked, walked 3.25 miles during lunch with Stacy, worked more, then headed home to cook a bunch, pay bills and get a grocery list going for the party this weekend! Sounds like you guys have fun St. Patty's plans! And major props to those of you who are celebrating with a run or walk - love it! And THANK YOU for all of your spin advice. I don't know what's up - I uppped it all the way at some points, never below 50% except for when she was like really - go flat or down hill NO resistance. I couldn't tell a diff. I mean, I was sweating BULLETS, but couldn't tell. Hmmm - will try a new bike or maybe I'm some freak of nature who can't determine whether or not something is harder?? LOL I'm sure it's the former... :)

So I have a question: Do you drink coffee? I never have. I had a cup when I was 14 at Point Clear with a friend's family. Hated it. Then never had it again until I was 28 this January in Arizona at Nordstrom in the middle of a long day of shopping. I couldn't bring myself to have a Monster or Red Bull, so Austin suggested a cappuccino. Hated it. But it kept me going. Then two weekends ago I had my second (the Saturday I left the house at noon and didn't get home until 2 a.m.) - it was bad. However, my hairdresser told me to try a latte instead. Said it was SO much better, less dry, more 'milky', etc. So alas, I had my third and fourth coffees this weekend: a skinny caramel latte and a skinny vanilla latte. I liked them both.... Enter today, on the way into work, in the rain and nasty, I ordered my fifth Starbuck's drink: another grande skinny vanille latte.

Austin's like Kel, if you're going to start drinking we'll get an espresso machine. And i'm like Austin, should I? Is coffee a good idea? Is this something I want to get into? I feel like everyone drinks it... but does that mean I should? So, holla back, would love to know if you drink it, if you think I should drink it and if you have a favorite low-calorie coffee beverage you love!

Moving on, here is a recipe I've been LOVING - and it's meatless - yay!
Makes 4 Servings

Nutritional information (meatless without pepperonis): 293 calories, 46 carbs, 8 fat grams and 11 protein grams.

Nutritional information (meat option with pepperonis): 324 calories, 46 carbs, 10 fat grams and 11 protein grams.

Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen! And yes, this is another one that I made myself - eek! I'm starting to enjoy coming up with my own concoctions based on our favorite ingredients!

Q: What's your favorite pasta salad? I love them but usually shy away as they're 'no nos' when it comes to fat, oil, etc. But i'm going to try to make a bunch of my own "healthified" ones so I can enjoy it without feeling guilty... or getting a tummy ache.

Q: Coffee thoughts? Interested to see what you think!!


Dawn said...

I have never been a coffee drinker and never will be. I hate to even clean my husbands coffee mugs....I think its gross (I know...I'm strange).

Danielle said...

Coffee… I have dappled in it a few times but never loved it. I will stick with Diet Coke.

P.S. I've never heard of this disqus thing.... I'll check it out.

Erica - Itzy's Kitchen said...

I totally need to switch to disqus....I'm lazy :) I love the flavor of coffee. I have totally given up the caffeinated version due to pregnancy, but still enjoy decaf every now and again. I started on lattes and quickly moved to just regular joe. I think its fine to have when you want it- I don't think you have to "commit" to having it every day. Hold off on the machine until you know its something you will use often enough. Just my thoughts <3