Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Undoing My Workout, 40 Meals in 3 1/2 Hours

That's what I was up to last night!! So glad I remembered to let Austin take a pic, even though I look rough. Stupid allergies that render it impossible to even bother wearing make up. OY. K -more on last night later, let's talk about our weight gain culprits. You know I hate to hear about your culprits yesss! I'm not the only one! but it's, selfishly, nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with their weight right now. I will say I felt better after I wrote the post. It was nice to get it out there, on paper, in my face. 'Kelly - these are the things you need to work on. You know it's true.' I feel more focused and closer to my goal than before I wrote it so YAY! Thanks to all of you for sharing your 'weight gain culprits.'

Anne Marie's and Melissa's recent comments really got to me - rewarding yourself for the great job you did working out and eating right - OY. I so do that and the counter productivity of it kills me! 'GREAT job on getting up at the crack of dawn to spin for 45 minutes and run a mile - here's 10 cookies, i.e., the same amount you burned today! Congratulations on undoing your workout!'

Q: What's the most common way you undo your workouts? Yes, i'm assuming you all have because you're all human, right? Right? hehe The main way I undo is through too many treats or too much alcohol.

K - stepping off the weight soapbox for a bit. I'll do an update every week or so on where i'm at, what's working and what's (obviously) not working. LOL Let's just call those "areas of opportunity." Allrighty.

So Monday was a busy one, starting with my 6 a.m. workout! HRM said: 40 minutes spin + 1-mile running (6.3 mph; 7 mph) + 1/4 mile walking. HRM said: 55 minutes, 437 calories; 4 fat-burning minutes and 51 fitness minutes; Average HR: 150; Max HR: 180. WOO! Then it was just work, lunch at Uncle Julio's with Stacy, more work, and then straight home to my family and a nice, chill night. My allergies are driving me CRAZY so it was good to get home and rest and drink TONS of water.

Tuesday was pretty busy too, with work, a 3.5-mile walk during lunch with Stacy, more work, and then home to test out a new meal plan. So meal planning. I love to do it but figured out something that was missing. Typically I include the recipes, photos, ingredients/grocery list and a chart that has the dates/dishes and nutritional information. As I was talking to my sis and bro-in-law/new parents, I was telling them how I cook the meat 2 pounds at a time, or how I dice all of the veggies the day before, etc. and it hit me: I should really share the exact steps, a how-to-do the meal plan. Exactly how to get this:
Last night I made the detailed meal plan with step-by-step instructions and wanted to test it. So I did - it took exactly 3.5 hours for 40 meals (7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 6 dinners for 2 adults) including clean up, a 30-minute break, etc. I'm making a few tweaks now but will share it soon - love it and can't wait to make more plans like this!

Q: Do you think you'd be more likely to pre-cook if you had step-by-step instructions?

Q: Do you like to batch cook, or do you prefer cooking each day/evening?

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