Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Workout Clothes and CHEESE!

Remy says HELLO, she looked at me like this all day. hehe Anywho, thanks for the sweet comments you guys! You know I love some pre-cooking, and I'm liking the idea of putting down the steps - anything to make it even easier to get ready for the week! Biz that's so funny that he wouldn't eat it because it would be considered leftovers! I get it - I never would think of it that way! And I totally get it that some of you guys prefer to cook each night. I just find that if something isn't ready - I have a hard time making good choices. But that's just me and my lack of self control! LOL I'll post my first step-by-step meal plan soon (will link to a PDF) - I just want to double check the freezing instructions on a few of them so it should be ready by early next week!

So what's been up? My Wednesday was pretty standard, just work, work through lunch, more work and then straight home to visit with the family. While I love working out, I also love an 'off' day to rest, relax and not get sweaty! Today I received two exciting packages... First, sweet Kelly (friend outside of blogger and blogger of The Pearce's Kitchen)sent me some workout clothes! Two pair of Nike tempo shorts, 1 nike sleeveless top and 3 CUTE workout tops!
hehe love the little messages - the copy on the back is cute too!
Awesome loot!!
Thanks again for thinking of me, Kel! ANYTIME you want to retire work out clothes over here feel free. :) After my excitement over my USPS deliver, UPS showed up and the fun continued. You know my Cabot cheese giveaway that Cabot's Kelly & Wendy hooked us up with? Well they sent me a batch too, complete with recipes, a cutting board and knife and of course the 8 packs of cheese!! Let the games begin!

And of course you missed the giveaway don't worry - it's open until 11 p.m. EST this Saturday, April 30! Just leave a comment on this post to enter - TWO winners will receive a gift pack!

Q: Complete one of the t-shirt sentences: I spin...; I only run...; OR I workout... I'd say I only run because I love how invincible it makes me feel!

Q: What's your favorite brand of workout clothes? I wear Nike Tempo shorts when I strength train/walk/run, and Nike spandex capris when I spin. For tops - I wear some Nike, some Target T's and tanks, or Fila tops - whateva. For sports bras I love champion seamless. FYI - I LOVE the look of lululemon - it's absolutely gorgeous - but I haven't brought myself to spend that kind of $ on workout clothes yet. If anyone wants to send me lululemon clothes I'll wear them. LOL :)

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