Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You "Fake"?

Stepping on soapbox... So in my blog reading I noticed a theme where people were saying, "here's what I write but here's what's really going on." For instance, "I had a bad morning but it got better by the time I had lunch with my friends" could have been, "I woke up with stomach cramps, my dog threw up on my new duvet and my best friend was fired." Of course, crappy things happen to us. All of us. And some of us opt to list them out or dissect them via their blogs, while others choose to gloss over them or avoid mentioning them altogether. Each to their own.

I know I've been accused (which is a negative word, but oh well) of leaving out anything "bad" on my blog. Trust me, it's not because I want anyone to think that nothing bad happens to me, or that it's all roses and fairies over here. It's just because I choose to focus on happy things and the blog is my "happy place" in a way. I could tell you that in this year alone, my mom and stepdad filed for divorce. Or that a couple of months ago a designer on my team took his own life. Or that my father, who pretty much left when I was 10 but surfaces for major events, like my wedding, is supposedly coming to meet my nephew. We haven't really talked since my wedding in 2/08 despite my emailing him. I'm apprehensive about his visit. I'm worried about what's going to happen to my parents pending the divorce. I feel awful for my co-worker and his family and friends. Bad things happen to everyone. They just do. I could blog all day long about sadness and i'm sure you all could to. But that's just not what I want to be about or what I want to focus on. Those are things I deal with offline; online, I want to focus on things that make me happy - my family and friends, my puppers, cooking, working out, reading, etc. Call me shallow. Call me a liar. Call me "fake." What have you. But it's my blog damn it and I'll write what I wanna! :)

Note: Whether or not other people post about their problems, concerns, etc. - serious vs. non-serious - is completely up to them! I don't judge, get offended, etc., when I read the stories, or notice the lack of them. I appreciate when bloggers 'put themselves out there' and just truly feel that it's a personal choice what bloggers choose to post about.

Stepping Off Soapbox... Allrighty then, back to normal programming! :) Yesterday was a busy one for me! I woke up early (3 days in a row - woo!) and hit the gym. The goal? Run 2.5 miles at 6.3 mph. I did it! And sandwiched a quarter mile walk on each side bringing today's total to 3 miles in a little over 30 minutes (30.40). WOO! Afterwards I headed into work, had a great working lunch with a co-worker from my leadership program, worked more and then headed home to the fam! I got a new dresser, so of course this meant reorganizing my closet - bitter sweet indeed. (still need to take pics!) Sweet because I love organizing, but bitter because it's a lot of freaking work! haha Austin was a lot of help though, and it's so nice to have clothes now living outside of our closet! We also watched BBC's Sherlock. Our friend Jimmy told us about it and we're obsessed - it's basically Sherlock Holmes in modern-day London. Awesome!

Q: How do you store your clothes? All in the closet? Or some in dressers/chest of drawers or what?!

Q: Are you "Fake"? Do you post the good and the bad, or choose to focus more on the good?

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