Friday, June 24, 2011

New Couch, New Dresser, New Recipe!

Thanks you guys! I loved reading your comments regarding bloggers and their "fakeness." haha So many good points were brought up - about why people do tell all and why they don't. I also thought it was interesting how privacy often seemed to play a role in how much or little you divulged about different topics. Very cool! Thank you again for sharing and for supporting me and my upbeat content! haha So Yesterday was busy, busy! I got up early and hit up the Fulton County Tag Office. In Atlanta, your taxes for car tags are due on your birthday. So sweet. Since my big two-nine is coming up soon, I had to go pay the man. $400 later, I was back home working, until my lunch break when I went to get Reuben's medicine and hit up Kroger. Reubs is okay - has an ear infection. Sad! Then I just worked more before making a new recipe, and a few oldies. New recipe time- yummmmm. :)

Southwestern Chicken Pasta Salad
Recipe adapted from Cooking Light
Makes 4 servings

Nutritional Information: 441 calories, 53 carbs, 7 fat grams and 39 protein grams.

This was a really tasty recipe - definitely best cold! It had plenty of flavor, the onions added a lot of crunch and the OJ combined with the adobo gave it a spicy after taste. The serving is very large and filling - a big serving for this amount of calories and fat grams makes me happy! Visit Healthified Kitchen for the recipe!

And here are my new 'home' items - I'm SO excited! Finally had time to take some pics - woo!

new couch! So much cushier/deeper than our last one - love it!
in the room - it fit great and went well with everything! We found it in Atlanta at Kudzu - it's a Rowe couch!
new dresser for our bedroom!
more context in room - love the taller height and the additional space for clothes! We found it at Pottery Barn outlet!
New home stuff seriously motivates me to do more around the home and to relax more - odd combo but after new purchases I just want to nest in and enjoy them. It's probably some of that astrological cancer coming out of me - I can be quite the homebody. I honestly think it's my preference sometimes!!

Q: Are you a homebody at heart? In practice? Both? I think i'm a homebody at heart, but not so much in practice. I will say that Sunday - Thursday I try to stay home as much as humanly possible without being labeled a shut-in... and and in line with keeping my job. haha

Q: What's your favorite kind of pasta salad? This was my first time trying a southwest one - I enjoyed it! My favorite is probably a more Italian one - with mushrooms, pepperonis and a spicy homemade dressing!

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