Monday, June 6, 2011

Destin Fun, Movie Review

Thanks you guys! We really did have a blast at the beach - sounds like a lot of us have similar beach agendas - and I did neglect to mention people watching which is awesome! haha So Saturday we woke up pretty early and headed back out to the beach! This time, we brought more chairs, fewer boats but still plenty of food and fun! We hung out later in the afternoon, and then headed in around 6 for showers. Beach pics!

Loved it
Me trying to get artsy again
Someone made a gator
I spent my day here
Forrest spent his here
And we were all here! Loved it - hard to believe i've been haning out with these 3 people for 10 years!
Ze ladies

After the beach, we had all intentions of going to dinner and going out, so we got all prettified but then a storm came. So we ended up all dressed up with nowhere to go. The storm cleared by 9:30 but by then we were like hmmm – game night?? So we stayed in and hung out figuring we’d all done the Bay Towne bars before so why not? And we had a full day planned on Sunday, our last day! So we ended up chatting and watching an X-Men marathon, which led us to an agreement – we would go see X-Men First Class together!

the girls settled in on the couch!
then we made the boys join for some fun automatic timer group shots
yes, we're that lame! hehe loved it

Sunday we got up and me and the girls headed straight for the outlets! I got 3 pairs of shorts at Banana Republic (elastic waist/linen = love them!), 1 color block dress at Ann Taylor Loft, and a gift for a friend. I also hit the jackpot at Nike – two new pairs of workout capris (dark gray solid and light gray with purple accents), two new dry fit shirts (one black and one pink) and two pairs of dry fit socks (yesss I’m so picky with socks). Teresa & Mary had lots of luck too, then we had fro yo at 32 Degrees and headed back to get the boys, visit the pool and stay late at the beach. Before we knew it, it was 7 p.m., time to shower, eat a bite and head to the Rave 8:30 p.m. showing of X-Men First Class. You guys – LOVED the movie. I don’t know if you’re fans but if you are it won’t disappoint. So good to see how Erik got so evil, how mystique joined forces with him, how the professor ended up in a wheel chair, how the school came about, and the list goes on. So many characters, so many parallels to the holocaust – it was just a great, well done film. Predicatable? Sure – you knew what happened, but that was the fun part – seeing how it happened. I just loved it and couldn’t stop talking about it. We got back and recapped the movie, packed up and called it a night – had to get on the road early in the a.m.!

Q: What are your favorite kinds of athletic socks? I have 2 favorite pairs – both asics which is random to me as I’ve never owned asics! However, they’re thin, dry fit socks that still have a bit of padding. Anything thicker and I get blisters. Anything thinner and I feel it doesn’t provide enough support.

Q: Do you like X-Men? Will you watch or have you see the first class?

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