Monday, August 22, 2011

A.M. Workout, Austin & Scott's Night, More Inside Out Eggroll

Thanks you guys! I really appreciate your support and understanding. I know everyone has so much going on  but sometimes you just need to whine, and then other times you just need to make a new plan and roll with it! Thanks also for sharing your bed times. hehe I'm DEFINITELY trying to 'put myself down' earlier. Speaking of, today was much better.  I did the a.m. workout (2 miles running and 1/4 mile walk). I went to the doctor during lunch (finally got these frequent tummy problems looked at). And I ate some of our favorite recipes, including this one: Inside Out Eggroll Stirfry! Also, it's almost 9 and i'm already in bed - hoping to be asleep by 9:30 or 10 - woo!

I also got some pics from Saturday night from Mary T! On Saturday we ran some errands then headed over to Mary & Scott's before heading to The Highland's to celebrate the boys' birthdays! Andy, Monica, Andrew, LA, Teresa, Meagan and Christine joined us - SO FUN! Our bar crawl ended up being more of a bar than a crawl as we never left! We had such a good spot there was no need to move - good times. Here's a few pics - thanks for sending, Mary!!
The birthday boys!
The birthday boys with Andy & Andrew!
Love a group shot - although I look a little uncomfortable LOL Why I didn't just sit my butt down I don't konw!
Cutest couple! Thanks again for coordinating everything, Mar - such a good time!
So all in all, a good day! And i'm so glad I got to go to the doc, more on that, the new flat iron I picked up Saturday (love it!), and I still need to do my Water for Elephant book review - one day at a time, right?! :)

Q: What was your favorite thing you ate today? Mine was probably a new Supreme Pizza Lasagna I had for lunch - still need to post the recipe!

Q: How was your Monday? I really think I had a pretty good one! So glad I took the time out yesterday to think/plan - made me feel so much better today. Danielle - you're right - just breathe! :)

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