Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm a Whiner who Likes my new Italian Egg Bake

My New Favorite Breakfast - recipe link below following me being a big whiner. :)
Hello! I know, I suck. I have been an absent blogger and blog-reader. BOO. I've just been working late and by the time I get home I'm either working more or with the fam or sleeping - grrrr. I know it's going to get better soon, and I'm still trying to get in my blogging, cooking, workouts, etc. - i'm kind of making it work! But it's hard. Annnndddd no more whining. Really. Promises. :)

Backing up, Thursday I just worked, worked through lunch, and worked late. No workouts, no cooking, BUT I got to work from home with my poodles and eat dinner with my husband so there you go - not a bad day! Friday started out with Austin making me breakfast. AWESOME. We seriously were like one of those only-on-TV families eating breakfast before going into the office. It was crazy awesome and I hope this becomes a tradition! Then I had some unexpected traffic, but eventually made it to the office, had lunch at P.F. Chang's with Stacy (grilled salmon, rice and egg drop soup - awesome!), worked, worked late, finally headed out at 7:30 to go straight home, change clothes, pet the poodles then head over to Lincoln & Shana's for a few drinks/catch-up time. We had such a great time! I love talking with them about everything from low-carb diets and day cares to flat irons and the debt crisis. We cover a lot of ground with those two! :) As per usual, time flies at their house and before we knew it was late and time to get back home!

So far today has been super relaxing, just reading Water For Elephants, catching up on The Big C, and eating a fabulous swiss, avocaodo, hummus and turkey sandwich on wheat. SWEET!

Now, regardless of how stressed I've felt this week, don't think for a minute I didn't still squeeze in a bit of cooking - it's my therapy. :) 

Makes 6 Servings
Inspired by a Pillsbury recipe

Nutritional Information: 353 calories, 24 carbs, 17 fat grams and 24 protein grams.

Winner! Tasted great and was very filling - didn't take long either which is always nice. I loved the addition of the fresh basil, it definitely made the recipe along with the sundried tomatoes. I also liked the add of the Italian bread crumbs - the crunchy topping was nice with the softer, fluffy egg/potato layer. Check out the recipe at Healthified Kitchen - it has taken over as my new favorite breakfast!

Q: What are you up to today? We have a few errands to run, then we're heading to Scott & Mary's and out Austin & Scott's birthdays!

Q: How do you take your breakfast? On the road? At work? At home? I typically eat mine at work around 9 or so, post-workout. However, I LOVE the idea of eating breakfast at home with Austin and have decided that i'm going to make an effort to do this more! And really.... now that I think about it... I'm going to do it. There - it's done! :)

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