Sunday, August 28, 2011

New Art, Impromptu Road Trip, Taco Night

Hi! I hope you're having a great Sunday! I have had such a wonderful day. Woke up early, started laundry and started the slowcooker! Once that was going it was dishes, poodle baths, a trip to the grocery store  and a fro yo run. Then more cooking, blog reading, and chill time - such a great day! I also snapped a few pics of one of our new pieces of art for one of the guest rooms!
The room looks kinda halloweeny here- I swear it's not - there's a patterned chair that brings these colors together and  I now wish I'd taken its picture too! LOL Oh well - the new art is over the bed!
And a close up - without the glare in the first one! Love the little animals, especially the  middle one. Reminds  me of our little Barney, a dachshund who became a member of our family when I was 6 years old - I love and miss him!
Backing up to yesterday, it was a long one - it started out early with a trip to my hometown. I think I've mentioned on here that my mom and stepdad are getting a divorce. Part of this has involved dividing their things and my sweet mom had a list of beautiful things she wanted me and Austin to have. Some of it furniture, some jewelry - she was incredibly generous. Also generous, was Scott, who loaned us his truck. Alas, we made the 4-hour trip there, then returned - sweet Austin drove the whole way (I offered but was truly nervous - I haven't driven an F-150 gigundo truck ever!). So it was definitely a long day of travel under sad circumstances. :( While we didn't get to visit long, I'm looking forward to seeing my mom in Atlanta next weekend! Always a good time when me, her and my sis are together. :)

When we got back to Atlanta we unloaded the car, showered, whipped up my favorite guacamole then headed over for dinner with Mel and Jon! They made an awesome taco bar with grilled steak and chicken and tons of toppings - YUM. We got to see their adorable  little girl Madison, and meet Terry & Sara's new baby Samantha - so perfect and tiny! We were also very entertained by Chad & Jose. You always know you're having a good time when, before you know it, it's late! Great night - can't wait to try to replicate that steak!

Q: How has your Sunday been? Relaxing I hope - I'm really enjoying my day with Austin, my now-clean poodles, now-stocked fridge and full tummy (just had pizza muffins - I'm a happy camper). 

Q: Have you ever seen 'The Good Wife'? We got the first disc from Netflix and i'm a couple of episodes in - loving it!

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