Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Two-a-Days, Dance Central

Hola! I hope you all had good Mondays! Mine was okay, not nearly as nice as my Sunday in which I did nothing! Well, I worked on recipes and danced. Yes, Austin move the Kinect so I can use my xBox while he's playing on the other! I danced and during all of the 'free styles' I did jumping jacks. I worked up a SWEAT!
Yes, I'm a 14-year-old girl. Oh well! My HRM said I burned 210!
This is seriously about all I did on Sunday. LOL Today I got up early and worked out! I ran 1.25 miles at 6.3, then walked it out to 1.5 miles. Then I did abs, biceps and shoulders before heading to the locker room and taking a picture of myself post-workout. duh.
Had the gym to myself - gotta love spring break. yes, it would be cooler if I was ON spring break. This is NOT lost on me. :)
Then I got ready and decided today was the day to debut my new watch at work - love it!
Loving it! 
I worked throughout the a.m., then during lunch Stacy and I went down and walked 3 miles. Yay - 4.5 miles for the day! Then it was back up to work before heading home to make this new loaded potato recipe - fab.

Recipe coming soon! And sidebar: sweet potatoes are fast becoming my BESTIES.

Q: Ever played with the kinect/dance central? I love it! Glad I get to play it more now - considering getting the zumba game... thoughts? I'll def see how often I play what I currently have!

Q: Hats while working out: yay or nay? I'm not a huge fan, but on Monday mornings I look like shiiizzz so since i'm at the work gym I figure it's a must!

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