Wednesday, February 6, 2013

So... My Kate Spade Bag Came In...

Yes, cute bag and all, but NOT what I ordered! Reminder - this is what I ordered:

Not even close right?!

This is pretty much how it played out:

  • I call the Katre Spade line: No problem! Just send it back and we'll refund you. Um, okay, but I want the bag I ordered. Oh! Well we're sold out. BUMMER
  • After some coaxing, she puts me on hold and finds it at a store in Chicago that agrees to honor the cyber sale price and send free shipping - so same price only it will take longer to arrive obviously. WINNING
  • I call the Chicago store and they want my credit card information - what? why? I already paid for it? They said it's a separate transaction. BUMMER
  • I call back the Kate Spade line, they say to just give the store my credit card and they'll refund me next day (for the wrong bag) assuming I send back the wrong bag tomorrow... okay kinda winning?
  • I call back the store, order the bag, and she even agrees to 2-day shipping for free since, you know, I'm about to have a baby and am not going to be here next week to get the bag off my front porch. WINNING
  • I go to repack the wrong bag and the UPS label they told me to use isn't there... BUMMER
  • I call back the Kate Spade line and they confirm... it's not there. They say they'll get UPS to email me a new receipt, I can print it and ship it back and until then they won't refund my money. Oh, and it will take at least 3 business days for me to get the email from UPS. BUMMER
  • After additional coaxing and escalation to a supervisor, they refund my money today and ask that I ship "as soon as I can" and to be on the lookout for the label in my inbox. I remind them, in full transparency, that this is not a priority at all as i'll likely be in the hospital next week delivering my first child and, had they sent the right back or at least the label, we wouldn't be having this conversation, and they say that's fine, take your time... WINNING
GOOD GOSH! All in all, SUPER nice people, very helpful (and ALL of the above took about 15 minutes total - they answered within like 5 seconds each time I called like I was calling my mom or something!) but WTF, Kate Spade New York, on sending the wrong bag and THEN not sending the return label! (and, let's face it, for making a very pregnant woman fear for a minute that this was her fault and she ordered the wrong bag and that she'd lost her mind). Let's all just hope that the right bag arrives on Friday and that I like it because OMG if after all of this I don't like it i'm seriously going to overheat. 

K - enough from me - going to go have some ice cream!
Q: Any random customer service stories you'd like to share?! Entertain me!

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O M G !!!!!!!!!

Only you, Kel....only you. ;-)