Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Day 15: Tuesday, Sept. 16 Assessment

So today was blah… my toe never started hurting, but my foot (ball of foot) never stopped hurting. ARGH. This is what I have: Metatarsalgia because of my Morton’s foot (second toe so much longer than the first) and because of wearing heels. Blah. There’s really no treatment but metatarsal pads help a lot – that’s what I want my podiatrist to give me in the morning until I get my custom in-soles!!

Anyway, I even cried about it today. I’m such a baby. I just feel crappy and helpless and it hurts SO bad. Blah.

Just got done watching 90210 – it’s so lame but I love it! I’m working from home tomorrow to go to the podiatrist and because the new mattress is being delivered – YAY!

Anyway, here’s how I did today:

Calories: 1,457
Fat: 33
Carbs: 185

What I Ate Today

Overall Assessment: Clearly I ate too many sweets – dang my TOM. Oh well – I don’t think I was too, too bad however, I should not have had the starburst, snickers or twix (dang captive meeting with sweets again!) I have no will power – none. And I did nothing at the gym. Obviously. I’m hoping I can get my metatarsal pad tomorrow morning and rest all day to be able to walk tomorrow afternoon! Here’s hoping. In the meantime, I’m laying in bed on my computer – this sucks…

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