Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My 10 Must-Haves for Fall

Click to see a larger pic of my favorites!!! I couldn’t be more excited – seriously!! I vowed this year to wear pants very little, and to mostly wear dresses/skirts! YAY. Here is my thinking…
  • High Heeled Oxfords – I found a black pair at Macy’s for only $80. I must have them. It combines my desire for the Oxford heels AND a t-strap. Could they be more perfect
  • Ruffled tops (feminine, printed & solid tops)
  • Wide leg pants (plaid/solid) – black & gray (and a black/gray mix)
  • Colored tights/opaque tights – black & gray and 1-2 colors (probably dark purple). Also want to do patterned tights – Hue here I come!
  • Pencil skirts (black/gray/print) - like the pants – I want a black solid, gray solid and ‘a mix.’
  • Cardigans (thin/long/black/gray) – might just get black… can’t decide.
  • Color pops: purple and royal blue (tops, tights, purses). I think these are the main colors I’m going to use… maybe pink, too...
  • Fingerless gloves (black) – I heart fingerless gloves. This year I’m going to get a nice pair of black ones!!
  • Slim/skinny Jeans – need some to tuck in my boots. I’m not 100% on these, I’ve resisted so long it seems like a pity to cave now? But dang if they’re not still in.
  • Belts to go over cardigans to cinch them – maybe not?? I think it’s not my thing…

So in the end I think I will do predominantly gray and black this year. Gray/black tops with gray/black pencil skirts and gray/black menswear trousers and gray/black tights. For color – I’ll pop in purple or blue for my coats, purses or tops (maybe even colored tights).

For brown, I already have my favorite brown slouch boots from last year (that thank god are still in) and plenty of still-in brown pumps. And I have several dresses I can do with brown, and of course my brown coat, ivory coat, and ivory/brown sweater thing. I also have numerous dresses that go with brown boots.

Aside from the above, I’m just going to buy more dresses. But I don’t need more brown shoes…. Maybe ONE pair of brown wide leg pants (plaid) and one brown (khaki) pencil skirt). That’s it though! And NO jackets – OMG – I have one in every color (except yellow) – out of control.

So it’s decided… kind of… oh I just can’t wait! Now I just need to decide where I want to invest my $... hmmmm.


Big Pissy said...

love love LOVE those shoes!

They'll look so cute with tights and a dress. :)

love all your ideas for fall fashion. You're gonna have to start taking pictures of yourself in the outfits so I can see 'em! ;-)

fittingbackin said...

Yes! They're exactly what I want -thanks!! I agree- I think everything goes together so well - i'm so excited!!

Thanks, will do - Austin thinks i'm a freak already I may as well take it to the next level. :)

Big Pissy said...

hee! Austin KNOWS you're a freak...he doesn't just THINK it! ;-)

fittingbackin said...

True, true.