Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day 16: Wednesday, Sept. 17 Assessment and Foot Update

I forgot to do my assessment! Here’s how yesterday went:

Calories: 1,124 (below REC zone 1200-1550)
Fat: 27 (below REC zone 32-56)
Carbs: 182 (in REC zone 163-236)

You can always count on me to eat enough carbs! haha

What I ate today

Still no go on the gym – boo. I feel like a slob.

Overall assessment: I was able to play poker without drinking – yay! I was also glad I kept it down to two snacks rather than 3 or 4. I know snacks are good when you eat small meals, but sometimes I think I take it a little overboard! Anyway, despite how AWFUL yesterday was (with the foot thing) I think it went well (with the eating thing).

Foot Update: It's still swollen, but less swollen and it definitely hurts less. I can't completely put pressure on it (because it's swollen so it's awkward) but I was able to get around with only the boot today - no crutches! Yay! I'm taking my medicines perfectly too - i'm just so eager to get well. I should get bloodwork back tomorrow so i'm very excited about that, too! Hopefully tomorrow I'll have even better news to report.


Big Pissy said...

I'm not working tomorrow, so be sure to call me when you get your results back.

Glad you're feeling better. :)

oh! Brooke and Bruce had their baby today...a boy...over 9 lbs!

fittingbackin said...

Will do! Thanks for being so supportive!!

Oh wow!!! How exciting!