Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 23: Wednesday, Sept. 24, Assessment

This morning I weighed 127 – the lowest I’ve weighed since I started! Yay!! Here’s how I did yesterday…

Calories: 1,319
Fat: 35
Carbs: 188

What I Ate Today

All in REC zones! Yay! I didn’t eat the most nutritional foods…. To be honest… I had to leave work a little early because I felt dizzy/nauseated. I think it’s the medication – bleh. And I was craving Ramen noodles of all things! Haha Oh well – what’d done is done and it could have been worse. I feel better today and don’t plan on taking any more meds. I’m going to the doctor in an hour for a final look at my toe so wish me luck!


Big Pissy said...

Congrats,Kel! That's so awesome! I'm proud of you. I know how hard you work at this. :)

Good luck with the toe! ;-)

fittingbackin said...

:) Thanks! I'm back on the cardio today - YAY!

Thanks - it went great. I'm done with them for 3 months (unless I get the inserts - they didn't have my size but i can pop by any time after they come in to be fitted by a nurse). YAY!