Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 24: Thursday, Sept. 25 Assessment & New Weight!

Yes…. 126.5! Yay! That’s almost 10 pounds since Labor Day Weekend! I have no doubt I’ll fluctuate up (again) but it’s still nice to see progress/a downward trend! So today I wore flats and straight leg jeans (not skinny – straight – going to get skinnys at lunch so I can tuck into boots!). My flats aren’t super comfortable, so I definitely need to get some comfortable ones! Like with a round toe, maybe a bow? Here’s some I just found that I’ve decided I want! (something like them) Anyway – here’s how I did yesterday – not too bad!!
What I Ate

Calories: 1,326
Fat: 31
Carbs: 191

And guess what? I was able to walk 2 miles, do upper body strength training and do abs yesterday. The 2 miles felt great... but today my foot kind of hurts (ball of foot - not toe/gout/etc.). So i'm going to go try to get metasargalia pads during lunch...

Calories and carbs are in the REC zone, but fat was a tiny bit under. Not bad at all! I felt really full all day which is good too! Today we’re leaving for Auburn…. Although I’m a little concerned about the gas situation. Almost every station here is tapped out – and the ones who have gas, I’m not kidding, had lines 50+ deep. Eek! We’ll see. Wish me luck being healthy this weekend. My plan is to:

Bring Jimmy Dean D-lights for Saturday and Sunday breakfast
Bring 100-calorie packs for snacks on Saturday
Eat Chick-Fil-A chargrilled chicken salad for lunch on Saturday; eat Subway turkey sandwich on wheat for Saturday dinner (w/baked lays)
Pick up a thing of bagel bites so if we do get STARVED and want “drunk food” we can have some bites instead of ordering a pizza… or wings – eek!

Oh and fashion update! One of my favorite Atlanta boutiques is having sale – 25% off EVERYTHING in the store. No, I don’t really need anything – BUT – I had a $60 credit from January that was burning a hole in my pocket (mostly because it was a piece of paper – not a card or anything – I was so worried I’d lose it). So I went online and found some coats I liked that would literally cost $16 with the discount and credit. I went and found this…. I think it’s fabulous and different. Great for fall, can wear a black long sleeve under it for winter and it even looks good undone! I’m SO excited. BB Dakota named it 'the alpha coat'... I like that!


Big Pissy said...

I had just opened this window to leave you a comment and you called me.

I think we much have a psychic (sp?) connection.

Love the coat.

Hope the foot issue gets resolved. :(

fittingbackin said...

hehe I know!!


I do too... i'm just SO frustrated... :(