Wednesday, May 25, 2011

B'ham Family Trip, Book Review

Happy Hump Day! Today I'm back at home, busy as a bee on my last day of vacation trying to get the house back to normal! Where did I leave off? Monday morning we left Gulf Shores and headed to Birmingham. We went from this...

To This....

So good to get to B'ham to celebrate E! I will say, we had a long, long drive, especially since it took us 1.5 hours to go about 3 miles. MAJOR traffic back up - we were literally stuck in Gulf Shores in our car. Such a mess! But nothing a Starbucks drink couldn't fix, and we switched off drivers, and I got to finish an audio book - awesome. :) We got in town around 6 central time, visited with the family, unpacked, had an awesome grilled dinner outside, hopped in the hot tub and got in bed where I slept SO good.

Tuesday I slept in, showered, and then headed to the gym. It was hard - I hadn't worked out since Friday! But I pushed it, and was able to walk 1 mile, run 2 miles straight, and do chest and shoulders. HRM said:1 hour, 381 calories, 15 fat-burning minutes, 45 fitness minutes; Average HR: 133/Max HR: 212. After my workout, Austin's mom, grandfather and his friend met me at the country club for a quick bite, then we all headed back home, got ready and it was time for graduation pictures and to see Elliot off! We took lots of pics, then got to the site 1.5 hours early to save a spot. We saw E graduate - it was amazing all that he and his class has accomplished. I mean really, these kids! There were over 90 (out of about 400) who had GPAs over 4.0 - and he was one of them. They work hard and I know he's going to do so well at AU! After graduation we celebrated with some awesome champagne and a few glasses of wine, and an awesome pasta dinner from Leonardo's - everything was great! Here's some pics:

Austin and his bros
Lots of support for E
Such a cute family!
Me & Austin at the service (and lots of water)
Outside at Austin's parents house - so nice to eat dinner at home in the great weather!
And have some wine!

E was very happy with the champagne toast - it was great!

As was the food!
Michelle had a perfect set up as always! Their backyard is amazing

After dinner, E's exit to go party with his friends and some cookie cake - it was time to go to bed, where I finished Emily Giffin's Something Borrowed. Yes, I'd read it before but it had been over 4 years. After seeing the movie (review here!), I just had to read it again and remind myself of the story I'd enjoyed so much. Even the second time and after the film, it didn't disappoint. Quick Review: I just love the story. I think it's interesting when you find yourself sympathizing with characters you would normally dislike (i.e. a man who cheats on his fiance and a woman who cheats with her best friend's fiance). I had also forgotten about several of the characters in the book that didn't appear in the movie - although I think they did a good job in the movie meshing together characters to still tell the story. I think I mostly just like that it felt real, it rang true and I could really empathize with the characters or see myself reacting the same way to things - fun to read. I also bought it - I believed their love for each other and that makes a good book for me. I give this one a 5/5 - it's a complete and total favorite and page turner for me.

Q: What do you prefer: fiction or nonfiction - why? I prefer fiction - I'm all about escapism! I can't wait to see what happens in a book and don't feel you get that level of suspense with nonfiction.

Q: When did you graduate high school? What do you remember most about your graduation? I finished up in May 2000 - seems like forever ago and yesterday at the same time. I remember the ride over with my friend Jenny, the heat, who attended to support me and not wanting to throw my hat. I just remember being READY and certain. I was starting college classes the following week and couldn't wait!

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