Monday, May 16, 2011

Something Borrowed Movie Review

Thanks for your sweet notes about my new bag - you guys - i'm obsessed! I've now carried it 3 days in a row. Here's another pic of me loving it. Total surprise - so sweet of Austin!

So after Thursday's late night with Katie and Cush, Friday's late night for LA's birthday and Saturday's late night with the Linc and Shana I totally slept in on Sunday! I then started some laundry, got ready and headed over to meet my mom and sister at Phipps to see Something Borrowed. I LOVED the book – loved it. I read it years ago (during my engagement so in 2007 – I remembered being like hmmm I probably shouldn’t be reading this book that has adultery themes LOL). Anyway, I loved it so much. I thought about re-reading it before the film but am so glad I didn’t because I. LOVED. THE. MOVIE. I did.

SPOILERS Yes, I thought movie Marcus was way creepier than needed be. I remember him being a normal/”good guy” in the book. I thought movie Claire was a bit insane and didn’t really remember her from the book. I know people complain that book Hilary is lacking from the movie, but honestly, she must not have left an impression on me as I didn't remember her from the book. Last semi-complaint, Kate Hudson’s portrayal of Darcy was a bit over the top. Don’t get me wrong – Darcy was quite a bitch. Fo sho. But I l felt like they forgot to show any good in Darcy. Yes, they showed how Darcy and Rachel became and remained friends, and I was happy to see the flash backs and thought those were done nicely, but short of that it was a little hard to understand why people put up with her. Also – they made her much less “fun” and more of a drunken lush. I didn't think this was necessary. On the other hand, I LOVED Jennifer as Rachel, and she didn't get on my nerves as I worried she would (i.e., He’s Just Not That Into You). I only wanted to slap her like twice. Dex was incredibly hot and played his role well (mostly because his role required him to be hot and little else). I did see the chemistry between him and Rachel, and him and Darcy, which is important. LOVED Ethan – hilarious, cute and sweet. He made the movie. So YES, I loved it, I even teared up like twice, I will own it one day and watch it over and over and, should there be a sequel, I will go to the movies to see it.

Normally, I hate movies after books. I do. And I can honestly say if I’d JUST read the book before seeing the movie, I could see myself having been disappointed. But because 4+ years has gone by since I read it, I was able to enjoy the book and movie, and not worry too much about what was the same vs. different. I think that’s the key!

K- sorry – had to get that out there! After the movie we just shopped around a bit, I returned 2 swim suits and got 2 others (pics to come!) then ran a few more errands and headed home to my family, laundry, work and a bit of pre-cooking. Also, it dawned on me that I never shared one of my book reviews - this one was for Laura Lippman's Another Thing to Fall. This book followed Tess, a PI who is hired to look after an actress on set after strange things occurred. It takes place in Baltimore and I really wanted to enjoy the story, as it's told from multiple perspectives which allows you to uncover the story slowly and see it from all points of view. But I was a little disappointed in the end. I don't know - just seemed kind of far-fetched and wasn't where I wanted this mystery to go. Sad too, because I liked the pace, the characters, etc., but just didn't like the end result. And the whole time I felt like I was waiting for more to happen. It was just more of a behind the scenes in film-making than a whodoneit, which was what I signed on for. I give it a 2/5. Boo.

Q: Have you ever read any Laura Lippman books? I heard this one was one of her worst - too bad I didn't realize this until I was invested in it!

Q: Have you seen Something Borrowed? Have you read the book? Thoughts?! I totally dug my book out of my office - going to reread it! :)

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