Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Highland's Night, Abita!, 2-a-days

Ugh! I hate that so many of us had our posts eaten - boo. Mine did come back but not exactly the same - so random! So how was your Friday?! Mine was great! Well, I was a little tired from our fun night with Katie, Cush and crew, but I got Starbucks on the way in, worked, walked 3.5 miles during lunch, worked more, then went back to the gym after work for a 1/4 mile walk 1-mile run and 25 minutes of spin. Afternoon workout HRM said: 39 minutes; 344 calories; 1 fat-burning minute and 38 fitness minutes; Average HR 161; Max HR 209.

After the workout, I showered at the gym, met Austin, and we headed over to The Highlands to go to The Book House Pub for Laura Anne's Birthday get together! She had a great turnout, and we had fun celebrating her birthday, eating the yummy cake her husband Andrew made for her, hanging with the Blancos and just visiting with everyone! I had one of my new favorite beers, Abita Jackamo. It's a hoppy IPA with 6.5% abv. Yeah, it has 190 calories. BOO. But it's so good and like drinking 2 beers! And really, I only had one - yummy treat! Here's some pics:

outside of bookhouse
The girls and LA's cake!
Austin and some of the boys
Me and Mon being silly - loved her little braid!
LA, Beth and LA's cake!
Me and Austin - cheeseballs

After Bookhouse we went to Hand in Hand for flip cup, then to Dark Horse Tavern to hang out on the patio/chill. Super fun night - love that the weather is getting just right for an outdoor, evening bar crawl. Fab. Before we knew it it was late! So we headed home to our happy puppers and a good night's sleep. GREAT Friday!

Q: Ever had any abita beers? I became a fan of strawberry at our st. patty's beer fest (thanks, Stacy!) and since I've liked Abita purple haze and this one. I want to try Abita turbodog - apparently it tastes like chocolate - WHAT?!

Q: How is your weekend going?! Mine has been great! Austin surprised me with an awesome present today - eee - will post pics tomorrow - so excited!

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