Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Breakfast Recipe, Surprise from Austin, Game Night with the Marr's!

Happy Sunday! I hope you're having a good one! I'm hanging out with the family and doing laundry - very relaxing! Yesterday was much less relaxing, but a great day nonetheless! I woke up early and made my new favorite breakfast:

Two-Cheese Naan Breakfast Pizza
Makes 2 Servings (above is one serving!)

Nutritional Information: 303 calories, 16 carbs, 10 fat grams and 16 protein grams.

It's my new favorite breakfast dish. Seriously! The spaghetti sauce added a great base, and I loved the egg/sausage mixture. The cheese mixture was great too - loved the difference that tiny bit of fresh, grated Parmesan cheese made. And the naan is still succeeding as the best pizza "crust." And it filled me up - perfect breakfast! Check out the recipe Healthified Kitchen! Time for me to update my top 10 recipe page!

After breakfast, I did a few things around the house, then showered and headed over to Buckhead for my hair appointment! Kelly cut off a few inches and did the big loose curls, yay! When I got home Austin had a surprise for me...

A bag
With a box inside
And a bag inside of it...

NEW BAG - eeee

Love the 3 compartments with the zipper middle!


I love, love, love it. The colors are perfect, I love the compartments and it's just my favorite accessory!!SO sweet of him. :) After a quick dinner, we headed over to Lincoln and Shana's to meet their new baby Preston! (and of course to see big brother Sebash). We had SO MUCH FUN. Always great to catch up with them - such a happy family! We talked, had a few drinks, played games, listened to Linc's new beastie boys and just chilled. GREAT night. I only took pics with the babies in it and haven't checked to see if I can blog them - so here is one of the four of us from Stacy's wedding!

Love them! We got home around 1 - all of us, including the puppers. Time for bed!

Q: Pizza for breakfast: yay or nay? I like ALL pizza for breakfast - leftovers included. But of course I prefer a breakfast pizza like this one!!

Q: Do you have a favorite bag? If so - tell me about it! This one is my all-time new favorite - I love Coach bags! I also love Michael Kors and my mom got me a great Kate Spade for Christmas that I've loved using!!

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