Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Flatbread Recipe, Monday Two-A-Days

So glad so many of you are considering (or have!) seen Something Borrowed - I really loved it and hope that you enjoy it as well! I'm also loving re-reading it - almost halfway through! So how was your Monday? Mine was pretty hectic. I got up early for a 2-mile run + 1/4 mile walk. HRM said: 22 minutes; 203 calories; 1 fat-burning minute and 21 fitness minutes; Average HR 166; max HR 211. I wish i'd had time for more, but I had to get into work! I worked all a.m., then took a lunch for a 2 1/4 mile walk and did my Feb. 2011 chest and back workout.

Great workout! I'm glad I was about to get in 4 1/2 miles - even if it was all split up! I worked through the afternoon then headed straight home from work to my family and to this yummy recipe.

BLT Flatbread with Maple Vinaigrette
Adapted from a Can you Stay for Dinner recipe
Makes 4 Servings

Nutritional Information: 428 calories, 55 carbs, 12 fat grams and 17 protein grams.

The vinaigrette was really tangy, and mixed with the bacon, feta and maple it had a lot of flavor. ]The mix was good fresh, and after refrigerating it was just as good, maybe better because the flavors had more time to mingle. The vinaigrette went a long way, and the recipe was very filling. We will definitely have this again - a great, summer recipe! Check out the recipe on Healthified Kitchen!

Q: Do you make any flatbread recipes at home? If so, what do you use for flatbread? I've used tortillas, pitas and flat out wraps, but yet again, naan tastes the most like the real thing!

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