Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tuesday Two-A-Days, Music Fest Pre-cooking & Menu

So Today I went sailing. LONG story. And yes, my first time sailing. I'll piece this all together tomorrow, where i'll be blogging live from Gulf Shores/Hangout Fest. Well not live exactly, in that i'll probably not bring my laptop to the event, but i'll be at Orange Beach just the same! And before backing up, thanks! I love naan/flatbread recipes! Can't wait to make more! And to answer your question: you can get naan at Trader Joe's or at Indian grocers - I've gotten it at both and prefer the Indian grocer naan. Each full piece (100 grams) has 260 calories, 2 fat grams, 50 carbs and 8 protein grams. K, backing up...

Yesterday was a busy, busy Tuesday. I got up early, drove to the gym and did 35 minutes spin + 1-mile running + 1/4-mile walking. HRM said 49 minutes; 344 calories; 4 fat-burning minutes and 45 fitness minutes; Average HR: 142; max HR 180. Then I made a quick trip to Target for a few last-minute things for our upcoming trip (does 3 days in advance count as last minute? LOL) before heading into work. I worked all a.m., then took my lunch break with Stacy to walk 3 miles. Then it was back to work, where I ended up working until 7 p.m. Blah - had so much to do! Then I headed home to prepare for my day at sea. And for my 4-day trip to Gulf Shores followed by two days in Birmingham for Austin's brother's graduation. It's going to be whirl wind! And then I pre-cooked our meals for Gulf Shores, with MAJOR help from Austin! So what's our Hangout fest menu? I'm so glad you asked!

Thursday night: Subway or Starbucks on the way down.

Friday: Sausage & Potato Bake; Hummus Chicken Salad Wraps; Chipotle Chicken & Rice (fruit bowl; mini luna; 2 dove chocolates)

Sausage and potato bake - must take new picture of this dish!

Saturday: Sausage & Potato Bake; Hummus Chicken Salad Wraps; Green Chicken Enchiladas (fruit bowl; mini luna; 2 dove chocolates)

Hummus Chicken Salad Wraps

Sunday: Easy Bacon/Egg/Cheese Muffin; Mediterranean Wraps; Chipotle Chicken & Rice (triscuits/laughing cow; mini luna; 2 dove chocolates)

Mediterranean Wraps
Chipotle Chicken & Rice

Monday: Easy Bacon/Egg/Cheese Muffin; Mediterranean Wraps; Green Chicken Enchiladas (triscuits/laughing cow; mini luna; 2 dove chocolates)

Green chicken enchiladas

Easy Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffin

Yes, I'm bringing all of my own meals to Hangout Fest. One condo + 8 people = me not wanting to have the stomach problems I've had during past travels. NOT cool. So this works out perfect for me! And hopefully no one will think i'm a total freak. Surely they won't, right? Right?

Q: Have you ever been sailing?

Q: Have you ever packed all of your meals for a trip? If so, did you feel like a freak? Did others treat you as such?

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