Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm on a Boat, Weight Update

Thanks you guys! I knew if anyone understood my pre-cooking and desire to bring my own food to Hangout Fest it would be you!! So... sailing. Long story short, I applied for a new/pilot leadership program at my company and found out about a week ago that I got in! It's all about building the next generation of leaders at our company, and prides itself on basically putting you in unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations - basically forcing you out of your comfort zone so you adapt (or freak out and fail of course - just kidding). It seems pretty cool, well thought out and intense - lots of workshops, training, travel and adventures between now and December. So I just found out I got in the program and we get an email saying to report to duty at Lake Lanier, instead of work, to sail. In keeping with keeping it short - we met out there, were divided into teams, quizzed on boat terms provided before trip, brought aboard 4 sailboats in teams of 4 to take turns in different positions (Helmsman, Captain, Navigator, Communicator, trimmer(s)) working together as a team to sail the boat. We. had. a. blast. And of course, there was a competitive edge to it in that we would have to sail out to meet the 'coastguard' who would long-pole clipboards over to us with envelopes for missions. It was just really cool, challenging and fun! Here's some pics of our day (note: I didn't include any of my co-workers in these; I also was responsible for our team's video - they gave us all Flips - but again, I won't share those on here since my co-workers are in them!).

our team's sacred vessel
I loved steering (note our team didn't have a wheel - oh the challenges keep coming)
Yes, I hated working with the ropes for fear of messing up and breaking the boat or hitting someone with the boom but it all worked out
So pretty
Working on our sail plan
Captured from the video I made - me on the ropes!
Two other teams sailing by!
Headquarters for the day - sailing school!
I loved it - perfect, cool weather, a day out on the lake, i'm in!
Sailing is hard. It's not relaxing, you're always moving and working as a team and there is really very little downtime. I enjoyed it though and would do it again in a heartbeat! Special thanks to my sister for loaning me her sperrys, Austin for loaning me his notre dame hat, and my company for such a great, probably once-in-a-lifetime experience!

So after getting home from sailing we just got to work on packing, I made the video of our sail trip and uploaded it to our shared site for the program, had a couple of beers with Austin and called it a night! And now for a quick weight update. As you may remember, late last month I kind of freaked out about my weight. I had hit 125 and I knew why. SO, I set out to try to get that number down. I identified my weight gain culprits, which included beer, my work breakroom, events and not getting enough sleep. I also determined that I needed to start tracking again. Well, my weight never hit 125 again, and even got to 120. Today I was at 122 which i'm happy with - I just need to stick to my plan. I will say that while I feel I conquered the work breakroom and the sleep, I would give myself a C on tracking, beer and events. Those are definitely my areas of weakness, so here's to the next couple of weeks where, despite vacations, I hope to stick with it because it really does make me feel better, whether or not the number goes down.

Q: Are you happy with your weight right now? I am about 5-7 pounds out from my favorite weight - but overall, am happy with my weight and am glad my efforts are paying off!

Q: What's the coolest 'team-building' you've ever been on? I loved this one! We also did a cool scavenger hunt with San Fran's The Go Game a few years ago that I loved - really interactive with video/photos and actors and stuff - kinda crazy. And the orange jumpsuits were too much. LOL And cool that it was in midtown... although awkward when our team thought a person was an actor but they were really homeless... oopsie...

P.S. I'm behind on reading your blogs - eek - plan to catch up in the car tonight when we roll over to Alabama!

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