Monday, September 1, 2008

Getting Started

I'm a bit of a perfectionist....all or nothing...if I can't do it right I don't want to do it at all.... I hate it but it's true. So - here we are. I'm trying to do this RIGHT. It's the first of the month... it's a holiday... it's time to get my motivation back.

So... time to blog/keep track of what I eat and what I work off so I can fit back in to my clothes.... especially my expensive jeans.... and some cute, classic, timeless dresses that won't go over my butt....

Today I wasn't good... probably because I was incredibly hungover, had a 6-hour drive from Destin, was on 5 hours of sleep, etc. I did eat this:

1. Jimmy Dean D-light (not bad)
2. Cheddar flat pretzels (not the best...)
3. Doritos with pepperjack cheese & a sandwich (not good.... ate at Mamma G's in AU)
4. Ramen... totally random... should not have eaten this
5. 1 cup rice/1 egg/soy sauce (not very good)
I also had a few handfuls of gold fish and two sweet tarts.

I am missing protein... and I ate WAY too many carbs... and where were the vegetables??? Also, I didn't even kind of work out (because of the vaca).

What's good? I went to the gym 5 days last week (M-F)... I did chest/tris/bis/back/legs twice, I did a pilates class and I walked a total of 15.5 miles on a treadmill (some running/some incline/etc.)
Now what? Time to start over! My fitness goals are in the sidebar for the week so i can't miss them... other than that: EAT GOOD - Keep calories under 1,400 a day...

Let's see how this goes!!! :)

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