Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Weight Game

This morning I weighed 136... seriously? Last Monday I was at 131... dang! I feel like since i've started the highest i've been is 138 and the lowest at 129. In the last two months I've been between 136 and 131 pretty consistently.... but that's 5 pounds shifting around! So this time my goals is to get back to 131... and then get LOWER, instead of pinging back. Real quick... ultimate goal is 115... but my first goals are: Reach 131 (AGAIN), reach 125... then 120 and THEN 115... At these stops along the way i'll see what size this has me at. Right now, i'm comfortably wearing size 4 and size 6 (size 2 on top). So I don't know what weight will look best on me. Maybe I stop at 125? Maybe 120? Either way, I need to get there to find out! And today i'm back on it!

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