Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting Organized

Obviously i've enjoyed making my blog! It's been fun finding these websites and getting organized... I love how finding one blog leads to another... which leads to 12... and before you know it you are getting great advice from more resources than you know what to do with! It's also been great getting a workout schedule up, but what about a dinner schedule? So often I find myself coming home from the gym STARVING and just throwing down a lean cuisine and still being hungry. OR I pick up something.... OR I eat "bad" and feel like an idiot for sweating it out for two hours to eat crap. I'd LOVE to cook every night, so hopefully getting organized will help. I came up with a meal plan for dinners this week:

Tonight: Chicken Pizza Wrap
Wednesday: Chili Dogs
Thursday: Chunky Chicken Salad
Friday: Tilapia, brown rice & broccoli
Saturday: Buffalo Chicken Salad
Sunday: Muffin Pizzas and salad

These are all made really healthy (i.e. low fat/low carb wraps, 100-calorie English Muffins, fat-free condiments & hotdogs, etc.) - I found most on Hungry Girl. Hopefully this plan will help... I have the ingredients for the chicken salad, so i'll go to the store tomorrow after work to get everything else!

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