Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DAY 1: Tuesday, Sept. 2, Assessment

So yesterday was my first time using Spark People and I find it amazing! It’s so easy to track your nutrition, workouts, etc. Everything is easily printable and it’s great for tracking progress. So here is how I fared yesterday:

Weight: 133 (down 3 pounds from yesterday)
Calories: 1,237 (in recommended zone: 1200-1550)
Fat: 28 (4 below recommended zone: 32-56)
Carbs: 171 (in recommended zone: 163-236)

What I ate:
Jimmy Dean D-Light
100-calorie Ritz-pack
12 pieces California Roll
Sargento Light String Cheese
Italian Chicken Wrap w/tomato sauce side salad
Kashi Cookie
1 Scoop HG Chili with 3 Fat-Free Saltines

What I did at the gym:
3 leg exercises (superset)
3 tricep exercises (superset)
3 chest exercises (superset)
3 miles treadmill (walking 4 mph) – burned 202 calories

Overall Assessment:
In the end, I had 1,237 calories coming in and expended 202 on the treadmill, leaving me at 1,035 – which I’m very proud of! However, it’s clear that I ate too many snacks… and processed foods…. And not enough vegetables. I’m working on it! I will say that I felt full and satisfied by adding the 100-cal pack to the jimmy dean, and adding the cookie to my meal… The chili was random (cooking it for tonight and wanted a little bowl to taste!)

I have NO IDEA why my weight is down THREE pounds from yesterday… Sigh. So weird. I’m going to try to go get a tape measure today so I can start tracking across something besides a number, especially since I’m really into strength training!

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