Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DAY 2: Wednesday Sept. 3, Assessment

Yes…. I’m still a major fan of Spark People! It’s making me VERY happy! Here is how I fared yesterday:

Weight: 133.5 (up .5 pounds from yesterday)
Calories: 1,507 (in REC zone: 1200-1550; 270 more than yesterday)
Fat: 32 (in REC zone: 32-56; 4 more than yesterday)
Carbs: 219 (in REC zone: 163-236; 42 more than yesterday)

What I ate:
Breakfast: Jimmy Dean D-Light
Snack 1: 10 baby carrots/2 tbsp Fat-free ranch dip; Sargento Light String Cheese; 2 slices turkey
Lunch: Boca Lasagna
Snack 2: 7 triscuits; 2 slices turkey
Dinner: 1 sandwich (FF mayonnaise, dijonnaise, FF grated cheddar cheese; 2 slices light wheat bread; 6 slices lean turkey; 1 slice tomato; 2 romaine lettuce leaves) with 1 serving baked sour cream and onion Lays
Snack 3: Kashi Cookie.... AND 2 servings of pretzel thins (boo....)

What I did at the gym:
3 bicep exercises (superset)
3 shoulder exercises (superset)
2 back exercises (superset)
4 miles treadmill (walking 4 mph) – burned 270 calories

Overall Assessment:In the end, I had 1,507 calories coming in and expended 270 on the treadmill, leaving me at 1,237 – which I’m proud of! However, again… I ate too many snacks! Although I was super proud of snack #1 (and it was yummy) and I was glad I got more vegetables in the day… still too many processed foods with Triscuits AND the Kashi cookie… AND then TWO serivings of pretzel thins! haha Unacceptable... but will be having snack #1 again! I was thinking instead of the 2nd afternoon snack being processed – I could make a side salad at night and bring it! YUM – extra veggies and less processed food! OR I could just bring a banana if I don’t have time/ingredients for a salad!

Also – I made a special trip to Michael’s during lunch and they were out of tape measures. SIGH. I’m going to try and go to a different one tomorrow….

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