Sunday, September 21, 2008

Loving It Here - Picture Post!

So the flight was nice - had a wonderful conversation with an elderly man who was very open, honest and friendly. We landed and it was smooth getting to baggage claim. The taxi line was a bit out of control, but once I got in I was good to go! He drove FAST but it was great to take in the whole city. I am SMACK downtown - LOVE IT - the city is just awesome. The hotel I'm at is great! I had every intention of going out to eat but wow - once I got here I just crashed! I took tons of pictures of the room and ordered room service. Now i'm snuggled up online watching Sex and the City Season 2 on DVD - awesome!!! Here's pics.... I LOVE this room...

The entrance

Yay! Big TV, Stereo, CD/DVD Player!

Nice desk with great info!

Cute sitting area - love the ottoman!

Yay - king size bed! And one of 4 phones in the room - random!

Love the bathroom - granite is so pretty and it makes me want to take a bath!

Nice! Note the scale - perfect! Exactly like my home scale!
hehe HELLO! Love that magnifying mirror!
TV guide!
haha who needs a pillow menu?

Stuff to do in the area including routes for 1,2,3,5,7,10 and 13 mile routes!
What I'm doing now... hehe... blogging and watching SATC!
Yum I can finally eat! Room Service wheeled in a grilled salmon fillet, mashed potatoes and asparagus! YUM!


Big Pissy said...


That's nicer than my HOUSE! LOL

Glad you're enjoying yourself. Take lots and lots of pictures OUTSIDE too. ;-)

fittingbackin said...

:) I love it! They just thought of everything like the scale a iHome, tons of lamps and the perfect ammount of seating. I'm impressed.

I will - def! I have tomorrow - yay!!!